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Newbie from AL


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Hey everyone!! Just wanted to check in and introduce myself, name is Vince and I'm new to Adams products but so far what I've seen has BLOWN me away!! :thumbsup: Me and my buddy Chase just did my IS300 last night full paint correction and wow...its never looked SO good!!


Looking forward to experiencing more of what Adams and this forum has to offer, very eager to learn more!!


Heres a few pics after that I took today..sorry for the quality (camera phone) I don't have a real camera anyways heres the IS and a few of the bike I built..my daily is a mini van, sorry no pics of that ;)

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Right on Vince!! I love the username, lol. :)


Vince and I CRANKED on his IS last night from 9pm-2:30am. You guys should see that engine bay!! I have some full correction pics that I'll be posting in a bit. Glad to have you aboard buddy. This place is HIGHLY informative. And HIGHLY addictive.


(PS-that bike is NUTSO cool)

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Okay, here's a few pics. Kinda ticked, because out of the many I took, there's only a few that really captured what we accomplished. :(


Two bucket wash

Full body & glass clay bar

2-3 passes with SSR

2 passes with SHR

1-2 passes with FMP

Full body & glass BG



Engine bay:

Full strength APC

Boar's hair brush

In & Out Spray



Sidekick blaster kicked out any unwanted water.


This is the BEST shot I got that showed what covered the whole car. Sorry I don't have any better shots, but this gives a good idea of what we had to conquer.....



And here's a few after shots, the best ones I have. The only other thing I would have liked to have done, was Undercarriage spray in the wheel wells. But after a 9 hour work day, and then crankin' on this thing, I was wiped out. Plus I did a WCW & DS wipedown on my Charger after Vince left, lol. Forgive me for leaving the wheel wells chalky, I'm a bad Adam's user. :(












We know the paint isn't 100% corrected. But it was a MASSIVE improvement!!! :) In the spring, we may get together again and take it to another level. I'm very satisfied with where this got us and the level of correction achieved. I'm feeling like a Jedi with the flex now, lol.


Vince - will you post those engine bay pics?? I SWEAR I had some on my camera, but I guess I didn't take any. :(

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Vince - will you post those engine bay pics?? I SWEAR I had some on my camera, but I guess I didn't take any. :(


Will do!!! Can't believe I left it out...


2-3 passes of SSR? Must of been way worse than what was picked up by those pictures. Anyways, it looks real nice. White is a very underrated color on the IS.


Till we got it under those lights we didn't think it was THAT bad..thank you though!! LOL its funny you say that cause on MY.IS forums most fellow IS-ers WISH they had that DWP (diamond white pearl) only offered as a color for 2 years :rockon: ...I love the color (but EXPENSIVE in paint cost) only other one I truly like on my car is Granite Gray Pearl


Heres the engine bay:

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