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Happy New Year


To Adam and his family, also his team that works hard making sure we're all taking care of orders and issues that we come across.

To all the peolpe here on this forum and your family, love ones, also or Troops.:patriot:




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Happy New Year Adamites! I hope that you all have a great, fun filled,and prosperous New Year!


Adam, thanks for everything, I really mean it. A grateful heart is a wonderful thing to have.

Ashley, have a great New Year - I am sure you will, but never the less, I wish this for you. (and how is the bicycle project going hmmm? ;) Hope you can go riding this weekend)

Dylan, I hope you are enjoying some of those lovely brews as you ring the New Year in, and hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year.


Blessings to everyone for the coming New Year.

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