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Hey guys!

My name is Jas and I live in San Diego, CA


I've been lurking on the forums for a while now and you guys have made me become an Adam's Addict! I didn't know there were so many people like me who love their car so much.


Enough words, on to the car.

I drive a 1996 Mercedes C36 AMG


Here are some pictures, all before any correction whatsoever (plus rain, which now, post-obsession, I find horrid). I can't wait to do my first full correction!







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Ohhh and it is black too. Your obsesion grows the darker the color. Trust me.


Welcome to the forum. Make sure you take some before and after pics when you do your correction. And remember if you have any questions be sure to search the forums. If you can't find your answer just ask. The members here are always very helpful and enjoy sharing their knowledge, even at 2 am.


Again, welcome.

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wowwww, murdered out man, i love it. Think id be scared to see that thing pulling up along side of me, just expect some tommy guns to get stuck out the window and spray me down haha. Anyways, welcome man! throw up some pics once you get that first detail finished up!

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