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Finished with Wall Mounts



Finally got some decent weather and finished up mounting the Air Force Master Blaster, Adams Jumbo Vac 'N Blo w/accessory pouch, Platform Stand, and my Adams Detailing Apron. I bought 3 extra 6 foot lengths of hose for the Jumbo Vac 'N Blo for a total of 42 feet (no loss of suction even at that length) and replaced the 10ft Air Force Master Blaster hose with a 35 foot (pool vacuum hose), also no loss of power at that length. Tuesday I have an electrician coming by to install an outlet just above the 2x4 where the extension cord is centered above the blue hose. Can't wait. All my other Adams products polishes, wax, microfibers, pads, etc., are stored inside in a closet inside the house. I also do not keep the PC or the Flex in the bottom of the detail cart stored in the garage but only for this pic. They also live in the closet with all the other Adams products.

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David, I had a longer blue hose on my master blaster for a while, it seemed to kink easier when warm. Did you notice that?


Won't know until this coming weekend. I only turned it on once to "ops check" it and didn't have the long blue hose yet. Once the outlet is installed, I'll test it this weekend to dry the Camaro off after the wash. I'll keep you posted and then post my review of it. Still have not yet used the vacuum either, but even with 42 feet of hose, that thing really really pulls.

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