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The Importance of an AV cabinet Rack.


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This is a cross post from another forum im on. I figured i would post on here and show the importance of doing things right and why its worth the extra cost of a rack. :thumbsup:


Being wickedly slow and wanted to add to my rack portfolio, next to the fact that this cabinet was the definition of "plumbers have leaky pipes and electricians have faulty lights" i wanted to something about it.


There are two sides to this, the right side is for the den media room and the left side is reserved for an outdoor 3 season multi purpose room.


Ill be adding the components for the 3 season room in the spring. I am also doing a RTI remote system for both rooms. I wanted to show the importance of using a rack, unfortunately my pics dont do this justice on just how bad things were and how it turned out. Also the Iphone 4s camera sucks some major you know what so the pics are atrocious. The back of the rack is really not as bad as it looks, when i pull it back out to install the RTI system in a couple weeks ill get some better pics.


Cooling is done using cool components toekick fan. also, the second tivo is for outside and were using it as a second DVR hence the electrical tape covering the IR receiver :P total time not including lunch or dinner....9 hours flat from start to clean up













all the extra sh!t i pulled out



and waiting for the second rack, please forgive the cheapo dynex switch :)


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Nicely done Brendon.


Thanks Man!


Here is an overall picture, of the cabinet with the rack. It also allows me to squeeze a couple more AV components because the bottom of the cabinet is efficiently used. :banana:


Im waiting for my soundbar brackets to get off of backorder, that is why theres a speakerwire up to the bar, it will go under the TV :lolsmack:



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Nicely done. Wish I had pictures of my old racking systems... something very sexy (in an AV geek kind of way) about a well organized equipment rack and I built some MONSTERS back in the day.


haha, Thanks man! when i go into a house that has a rack i can instantly tell who in my area originally installed the rack. I think it also says alot about the integrator that can wire a rack. I could also careless about the front, its the rear that matters


I love seeing what others do especially over at RC & IP and there are some Gorgeous Racks. Im actually very proud of the back of my rack, the picture i took of me looking down into it got washed out but it is super clean, The side and rear pic make it look like i quickly wired it up. Every wire in the back with the exception of HDMI was terminated to the custom lengths. Its key to having a nice rear. :2thumbs:


i have also started forcing cabinet racks on customers, i can prewire and test them and then take them to the site and hook them up. This means its quicker on the job site. Its more expensive initially but the money saved in service calls or adding/replacing components quickly covers the cost of one. Besides, it just looks so much cleaner/professional. Not to mention with proper cooling the components will last logner : banana:


On larger projects every job gets a rack, no ifs ands or butts about it.

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NICE! I stick mine all in the basement and run the wires up through the wall. Just got done doing it again on Saturday. I have a small cabinet below my plasma to hold the center channel and fill the room with some furniture. If I had to have it in the room, I'd do it like you did. I prefer it in the basement where it's cooler. My DVR runs so much better when it's cool. I have a Denon as well.


Does the rack have fans in it?

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wow, you don't wanna see what my AV system looks like!


surround sound, cable box, wireless router, PS3 in a space the size of half your cabinet, and the wires look like a rats nest behind the TV stand! that's the extent of my amateur AV skills.


you do some amazing work! :pc:

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I need to do some clean up of my wires/cables. I don't have a rack but I do have a decent Bell'O tv stand with two shelves. I recently upgraded my receiver, speakers, and sub so I've been neglecting the aesthetics while enjoying the new found sound.

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