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Need to vent



So last night since I didn't have anything else gonig on, I invited a buddy over to the pool. He and his girlfriend came by and we had a few beers and swam a little bit. We decided to go out for dinner and he went back into my apartment to change into his dry clothes.


I had my microfiber towls hanging all throughout the bathroom so they could air dry since I had washed them the night before...he went into the bathroom and picked out a freshly cleaned great white to dry off with :help:


He came out of the bathroom saying "man your towels are small and cheap looking but they work great!" ...my heart sank a little when I saw him drying his hair off with my mighty great white. I told him they were the towels for my car and he apologized...no biggie or anything


After I got home, I went ahead and rinsed the towel and hung it back up to dry. I was afraid the chlorine would damage the material so I wanted to rinse it off ASAP. Looking back, im thinking I should just do another wash, just in case he got any dirt or oils or anything on the towel. Thoughts?


On a happy note, this guy has been driving the same rust bucket since highschool, but is about to buy a new car...this Saturday he takes delivery! He has said my car always looks so nice 'n shiney and he wants to do the same for his new car. After using my great white, he said that's going to be his first purchase...yet another has drank the Kool-Aid :jester:

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Venting is no problem, I do it often to trusted friends....sometimes I may have a good reason other times, well not so much!


As far as the GW go, just rewash them, they wil be fine. Consider telling future guests that you have bath towels for them to use or tell them that these special little white towels are infused with specific chemicals for your car and they will cause blisters and a rash if used on the skin.

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:lolsmack: I like the gift idea...I think I will just let him have it. Thanks!


He chose black, I warned him but he said he just loved the way mine looked....if only the poor boy knew. Something tells me he's going to be needing one of these----->:pc:

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