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New from the Northwest

Bob J

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OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! You don't know how excited I just got seeing your car Bob. Since I was 9 years old I've wanted an English Bulldog and to build my own steel body 32 Ford to the exact style yours is. Well I got the Bulldog 2 years ago. Now I am patiently waiting to complete the next accomplishment.


Anyways, welcome to the forum! And also feel free to share any or as many pictures possible of that sweet ride! :patriot:



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Thanks for the nice comments. Diggerdan, I live in Stanwood, Wa. about 40 miles north of Seattle.


I've been working on the car for about 10 years, real serious the last 2 or 3. When I started the floor was rusted out, and about 3-4 inches up from the top of the frame all the way around the car was basically gone, and the rest was full of bondo. It was chopped back in the '50's and I had to redo that. I'm finishing up the wiring, then upholstery and I'll be done. It's been a long road, but a lot of fun too!


Here's a couple more pictures.

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