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The poor Silverado SS had 160,000 miles and was getting expensive to fix and upkeep and was getting nervous what was going to break next. I ran into a deal that I couldn't pass up on an 06 TBSS with only 25,000 miles. I absolutely love this thing. Rides solid, no ratttles yet, good power, and WARRANTY! I do miss the SSS but it was getting tired, and couldn't stand how every panel in the truck would rattle and the ride was getting really sloppy.


Bought it yesterday and its been raining since :willy: Ugh!! I can't wait to detail this thing, needs some good paint correction and protection.




Plans for the TBSS? nothing major right now as money is tight. First things first, paint the bowtie black, tint front windows, debadge a few things. Next summer I will be putting on some 22" chrome TBSS replicas and some stereo work.




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remember you may think your wheels need some polishing but more than likely they are cleared in which treat like regular paint shr fmp and so forth not mp 1 or 2


Eric is right. Your wheels are clearcoated, so you will want to treat them like paint and use either Revive by hand or FMP. If they are really bad you can use a little SHR. If you really want to truly polish them, you'll have to strip the clear first, then you cn use MP1 and MP2.


Congrats on getting a solid TBSS.

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Tune-yes! Don't forget to think about E-fans while you do it. Jump on Tbssowners.com it's a great forum along w/ the members. I thoroughly enjoyed my '06 TBSS to the fullest while I had it.

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Nice ride!!!


I got a tune, intake and E-fans.

I improved my mpg from 11mpg city to 15mpg city; 16 mpg hwy to 22 mpg


But with our engines....do you really drive like a granny??

Most if the time.....if you're like most of us....we love the sound of our rides, the feel of the speed with or without a tune..




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Thanks for the nice comments! It is AWD.


How should I go about treating the wheels with SHR and FMP? By hand, and what applicator? Or is there a good way of using a machine?





Clay bar

Shr if scratches orange hand pad

Fmp I think you can use he Americans applicator or the yellow one.

Americana and bg. Or mss


Mss by hand


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