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Hi everyone! My name is Ralph (cleaver screen-name, right?) and I'm new both to Adams products and Adams forums. I currently own a 2007 Le Mans Blue Z06 Corvette and discovered Adams products by way of the corvette forums. Originally I was going to purchase a new arsenal of detailing products including everything from grit guards all the way to a paint correction kit from another company.


Another Corvette forum member recommended I take a look at Adam's website, watch some of the video's about paint correction and make a decision. After watching the video's I was sold and placed my first (and most expensive) order of detailing products via the live chat with Mario and eventually through the phone.


This forum has a massive amount of experienced and seasoned information and I hope I can contribute sometime down the road. My car is my daily driver and I travel for a living, but I hope to be able to remove all the imperfections (swirls, hard water etchings) and bring it back to a glass-like finish. :pc:


Here are two shots of the car from about a week ago.



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