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Lastest addition to the garage...


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Nice! I second the idea of moving the banner though. Also looks like the bottom 2 shelves are bowing, time for some 1/2 plywood to support the brew! I did 3/4 on the bottom of mine with an extra 1/2x1" board down the sides and across the front and back, and then got some spray glue and black felt, sprayed it and wrapped it in the felt, now I don't have to worry about the bottom shelf cracking with my homebrew kegs in there.

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WOW! I haven't drank that much beer in my entire life... (no kidding)


Looks good! Most of the peeps in my hood put their second fridge in the garage, but I've got to much garage specific stuff to want to have one, so we put it in the unfinished part of our basement.

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