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I'd be happy if anyone with an SS on their from bumper wins.

:iagree: My son and I used to watch every race. We still go to about one race a year. Since he moved out I just catch the first 25 and the last 25, and root for any Chevy driver.

Sad accident yesterday, sounds like everyone will be okay though.


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The Dept of Defense has cancelled Fly-bys due to looming budget cuts.


WTG America, raise the crap out of my taxes, then spend all my tax dollars on trying to control guns and giving it away to people who don't want to work... :willy:


</end rant>



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Guessed Danica wouldn't win.


I think everyone guessed that one. And if she would have won..........everyone would say it was fixed, me included. I imagine they'll let her win one sometime during the season. But she's such a darn crybaby. Did you catch the post race interview? "I didn't get any help" I was sick of her antics two years ago!:loser:

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