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New Ride to the Stable

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Hey guys! well after a long time of trying to convince my mom to trade her Sky Redline in on a real muscle car. She had always had her on a Camaro since they came out but when they first did a convertible was not available so that was a big problem for her. Well this weekend I was back home and she mentioned she wanted to go drive one, I jumped online and checked out local dealers and found one similar to her wants and needs. Went and drove it on saturday and after a few days or so of haggling she left the dealership yesterday trading in her sky in on a new 13' 2SS camaro vert in victory red with a black top! Well naturally with my SRT Im ecstatic of her choice haha :D She is happy and in the end that is what is important, should have a thread up in the near future of a detail of the beauty, came with plenty of dealer installed swirls and it should be a whole different car when I'm done! Heres a few pics of it that I snapped really quick before I had to leave and go back to my place:








It has:

-Dual mode exhaust

-Touch screen nav

-RS package


and soon as my plans are cause I cant leave any car unmoved haha.


-New bow ties

-LED interior/Ext upgrade

-Front chin splitter


Maybe more later but for now those at least will make it a little different!


thanks for looking!

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Very nice, congrats! Now get to work polishing that thing! :D


Haha trust me, I'g itchin to at this point but I had to go back to my place to take care of things so its 100 miles away from me right now. I cant wait!


And a manual transmission, no less! Your Mom rocks!:rockon:


Haha funny you say that, she always says, "whats the point of having a sports car with an auto?", proud to call her my mom :D


Tell Mom she made a great choice Josh!


Will do nick! sad I didnt make it to autorama, heard you were up there with the Cauley guys. This camaro is the reason I didnt make it up haha, working deals and letting her drive them. Hope all is well!


i was thinking the same thing...mom aint playing around


No she isn't, she actually chirped the wheels out of second leaving the dealership haha, on accident but it was still funny. Gotta let that motor break in properly.


Cool deal. Look forward to the updates. Nice ride :patriot:


For sure! love that she chose to keep it american made, she was looking at a merc for a while but I straightened her out, and she hasnt stopped texting me today about how much she loves it.

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Cool ride mom!:burnout:


For sure!


Congrats on the new ride! Bet she's the most popular coolest mom in the neighborhood! :D


Haha she is, but there is good competition in our neighborhood, one drives a new raptor truck, another drives a cadillac XLR and another drives a G8 GXP, so yeah the moms in our neighborhood are driving sick whips! haha. But in my eyes she will always be the coolest.


Congrats...sweet ride...


thanks a lot!


Nice! Congrats!


Thank you sir! :thumbsup:

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