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Hi from So Cal

The Guz

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Hi everyone.  I have been a long time lurker and decided to finally join.  I am not new to Adam's products. A friend of mine used Adam's on his vette a few years ago and I was not much into detailing at the time.  When Adam's became a sponsor on ls1tech I took advantage of purchasing some products.  I look forward to learning a lot and getting to know the Adam's enthusiasts.



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Welcome Mike




Welcome Mike!




Welcome to the forum!




:welcome: Mike!  How bout some more pics of the ride in your avatar?  :drool:


The car is an 02 SS currently with 14K miles.  It is my garage queen.  I am in the middle of polishing it up and will be using the new liquid paint sealant on it.  I have also made some slight modifications to the wheels and will be replacing the vinyl insert as the one I just removed had some severe stains that would not come out.  I will post up some photos of the car after I finish it. 


Here are some from a few months ago after a wash.






These are the new wheels I just had installed. 



:welcomebanner: Michael! :welcomebanner:  


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Nice car!  Welcome Michael......glad you are now LIVE, and not lurking.....

Thanks for the welcome. Great to see this from the man himself.


Welcome to the forum Michael. Very nice Camaro.  Glad to have you join us.

:welcomebanner:  :welcomebanner:  :welcomebanner:



Welcome Michael. Nice looking, clean Camaro too.




Mike welcome to the site. What part of Southern Calif are you from. That is where I live.

Thanks. I'm in Lawndale part of the south bay area near Torrance, Redondo Beach, Gardena.

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