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Foam Gun Problem / Spray Gun Problem



Hello gang, 


Has anyone had any problems with their foam gun not working? This is fairly new I have only used it about 6 times. Each time when I finish washing my car I ash out the gun and container and leave it apart to dry. 


Well went to use my gun, filled it like normal and pulled the trigger. When I squeed the handle of the sprayer I noticed the sprayer was stuck wide open. I had to manually push the part where you can adjust the spray gun and it shut off.


I don't mind it getting stuck per say, but NO foam was coming out. I tried again and again but no foam. I then took the container loose and mashed the spray nozzel, and I noticed the soap was only going up the tube about 3/4 up the tube. I disconnected the tube looked for a hole and I found nothing. I reinstalled it and the same thing happened. No soap will go up the tube. 


Is this happening cause the spary gun is messed up or something wrong with the actual gun?


Anyone have this problem before? 




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I can not offer any ideas on the foam gun (other than they really need to be cleaned well after use). BUT, your car is GORGEOUS!  :) Really tasteful, and with the added extra pounce per ounce with the go-pedal.  :D

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Well I took it apart. And here is what I found. The blue piece that hold the tube was broke. I have NO clue how this broke. The wand and container always has been screwed in together. I superglued this back together and I hope it holds. Is there something that's sopposta be screwed on the blue piece. Looks like a bolt is missing or something. I think I have to have another wand. Sad I only had this for a month and it's already broke :-(



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