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Hello all, I'm new to the forum, but fortunately not new to Adam's products. I started using Adam's almost a year ago when I bought and then lifted a Ram since it wouldn't fit in the death tunnels. Honestly lifting my truck was the best thing that happened to me in terms of detailing and keeping my vehicles clean. I was always OCD about keeping my cars clean but definitely was going about it all wrong for years. Now I'm the guy in the neighborhood who hand washes his two black cars twice a week when it's cool enough for it and everyone asks questions too. I've actually gotten to the point where friends have noticed how well I maintain my Grand Cherokee and Ram that they ask me to clean and detail their cars, so soon I will be starting a part-time detailing service. I'm a huge fan of researching and studying things I enjoy so I look forward to spending time on here as well as the Ram forum and vinyl record forums I'm on frequently. I hope to gain more knowledge from everyone here and hopefully I can also help others out with anything I already know about.

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Thanks Bryce!  Here are a few pics of the truck from last weekend when I actually had time to get some glaze and buttery wax on the truck and not just do a quick wash.  I also figured I'd share what it looked like the day I bought it until now.  The Grand Cherokee pic is older, but the tree in the back just always makes that picture pop haha.





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Thanks everyone for the welcoming. Also thanks for the compliments on the truck, I just got done talking to my custom shop a few minutes ago and hopefully will have the remaining custom work done in the next few months...which means needing to buy more Adams to keep it spotless for shows and meets!

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