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H20 GG and Brillaint Glaze.


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Shouldn't the glaze be applied BEFORE the sealant?


Brilliant Glaze can be applied before or after. It is really up the user and what they feel works best in their detailing regimen. 


Some will say apply the sealant first as it will bond better to the paint, others will say apply the glaze first and "lock it in" with a sealant. 


I have applied both before and after a sealant and got great results both ways. Unfortunately I don't think there is much scientific data that will say one method is better than the other.


Personally, I would apply H20 GG first as it can be applied wet and it will save you a step in the detailing process. If I was using LPS I would apply glaze first. The last time I used the combo of Glaze then LPS the gloss was on another level!

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