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Debadged my car and after polishing I decided on a 3 step Adam's shine and protection with Glaze, then Liquid Paint Sealant, and Americana wax to top it off. Applying the Glaze first in my opinion looks best and the difference in durability I don't notice.







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Wow! Amazing shine... Is there any advantages to applying the LPS in between the BG and Americana? How long did you wait in between the steps? Did you apply more than one coat of LPS?

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For me the advantage of LPS between the Glaze and Americana is to add some durability to the protection on the paint. I always use Glaze first cause to me it looks best when applied first. I have yet to use Glaze and Americana by themselves as this was the first time using Americana for me, so I can't comment on how it compares to adding LPS in the mix.


After Glaze I waited about 15-20 minutes, and then for LPS I let it cure for a solid hour before applying the Americana. I also only applied one coat of LPS. I don't see much benefit of multiple coats of LPS. Maybe it would make the sealant a bit more durable but you won't see any additional shine. Multiple coats of Glaze could bump up the shine a bit, but with 3 layers of products I don't see any need for multiple coats of any single product. 

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