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Well, it took me 10 months but I finally got the chance to do a full correction on my 2015 Camaro SS. If I knew now what a huge difference it makes, I definitely wouldn't have waited so long. I'm hooked now.


I've been using Adam's products for the 10 months I've owned the car to provide protection until I could get around to a full correction. Mostly H20 GG and a few applications of Buttery and of course lot's of detail spray. I was hooked immediately on how great everything worked. When I finally got around to buying some double soft towels, I was horrified when I was wiping down my car and the finish was so full of crap that it was literally grabbing fibers from the double soft towels. Baggie test confirmed my worst fears. Keep in mind this was a new car at the time but it was really late in the model year and I'm sure this car sat on the lot for several months. Not to mention it was obviously washed via the dealer method: mop bucket, cheap soap and broom/brush used to wash several cars on the lot. Definitely had the dealer installed swirl package! This whole process took 2 1/2 days since it's still super hot in Florida and I could only stand it in my garage until about 11 a.m. With cooler weather, I could do this in one day (probably a long 10 hour day).


OK, here's the rundown: Started with a good rinse and then full hose down of Strip Wash in a foam gun. Proceeded with two bucket wash with more strip wash. Went over car twice with Strip Wash to make sure everything was gone. Water sheeted readily with no beading. It was squeaky clean.


Pulled car in garage while still wet and proceeded to clay entire car with detail spray to include glass. Clay bar was almost black when I got done. Unbelievable how much trash was in the paint. It literally felt like sandpaper and it was easy to tell that the clay bar was doing it's job as it would smooth out noticeably after a few passes.


Paint Correcting Polish applied with orange pad and Porter Cable 7424. Used the orange microfiber pad on trunk lid. The Camaro holds water on the trunk lid and there was some major water spots. Really surprised at how tough they were to remove.


Paint Finishing Polish with white buffing pad. Again, using the Porter Cable.


OK, so now the paint is completely naked and I'm getting ready to apply Liquid Paint Sealant but I got to thinking about all the detail spray I used during the polishing process. I used it to prime the polishing pads and also to wipe down as I went along. I actually called Adam's and talked to Dan and we discussed that there is a slight amount of carnauba wax in Detail Spray but it shouldn't be a problem with the LPS adhering to the paint. Well, my OCD got the better of me so I wiped down the entire car with Waterless Wash (old clear/blue kind with no polymers) hoping to get the paint perfectly clean. Then LPS was applied, allowed to flash for 30 minutes and wiped off. After 1 hour of curing time, I applied a second coat of LPS, let flash and removed. By this time it was getting way too hot in the garage so I called it a day and let the car sit overnight.


Next morning I carefully wiped car down with detail spray to remove any dust and proceeded with one of my favorites: Brilliant Glaze. OK, now the results are really starting to show. I don't know what's in this stuff but it floors me every time I use it.


Then came the Patriot!  This can almost be described as a sensual experience wiping this stuff off as it begin to reveal the fruits of all my labor. I was completely blown away to see what a huge difference a full correction made. Now I could see what the big deal is. The shine is absolutely stunning and the following pics do absolutely no justice whatsoever. I'm completely hooked and will make a supreme effort to do this twice a year. The only downside with this process is that I don't want to drive my car... ever... The thought of bugs or a nasty bird bomb haunts me in my sleep.


Anyway, just do it!


P.S. the Porter Cable was perfectly adequate but I'm definitely buying a Rupes for the next one.









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That car sure does look amazing! I was finally able to do a full correction myself this past weekend, I have my pictures partially on my DSLR Camera which is why I've been lagging on posting pictures. It takes a while but it feels so good to see the finished product right?



Job well done for sure!

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Excellent work Randy!   Wish you were closer, you could try out my Rupes 15 MkIi,


Thanks everyone.


Also, thanks for the offer mc2hill. I've read enough good things about the Rupes so it's definitely going to happen.


I wasn't able to get the car completely swirl free with the Porter Cable but definitely good enough for a daily driver. Thinking next time with the Rupes, swirls will be gone!

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Looking good!!! I have to do a the full works on my truck also. It has not been completely done yet since purchased last November. Waited for a good cool day (no garage) and it seems every time I get time it rains. I will get her done soon.



That car sure does look amazing! I was finally able to do a full correction myself this past weekend, I have my pictures partially on my DSLR Camera which is why I've been lagging on posting pictures. It takes a while but it feels so good to see the finished product right?



Job well done for sure!


All you should have to do is plug your USB cable from your camera to your computer to get your pictures.. It not that bad.

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