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Hello from the Rockies!


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New to both Adam's and the forums. Already addicted to the former, and looking forward to the latter.


I've already made a few purchases so my stock is ever increasing. Just bought a Kia Optima...Snow White Pearl...so am getting it ready for the CO winter. My son's car (Xterra) came back to life with the Adam's products (Detail Srpay, Paint Correcting Polish, Paint Sealant, VRT, Tire & Rubber Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner) so his was the experiment before I work on mine.

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Thanks for the warm welcome messages. And you were right. I've been scanning through a lot of postings and found some valuable info already. Does Adam's offer counseling for the addiction?! Ha!


This whole forum is one big psychiatrist's couch.  :lol:

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Welcome Chris! You will learn a lot just by reading around the forums.


P.S.-Cool name :2thumbs:

Thanks. I'm a WV native and USAF Academy grad. Since I root for both teams, I combined the two mascots. Edited by falcaineer
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