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Just HOW organized are you??



I am an efficiency-crazed lunatic with some major neatness OCD. I am also an Adam's Addict.


It's getting colder and I started thinking about how I can be more efficient with my space and my time. Here's what I came up with!


I centralized all my reserve product.


20161110 001608223 IOS

WIth my wagon and its larger wheels, I can cart my detailing supplies just about anywhere with ease.

20161110 001613703 IOS


20161110 001635115 IOS


Inside the black bag is my Rupes 15, pads, polishes, gloves, clay, wax. Inside the tool caddy are my oft-used products, interior brushes, etc.


The big deal here is that I now make one trip to move everything instead of three or four.


What does your detailing lair look like?

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