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New member from AZ


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Greetings from sunny Tucson, AZ. Got hooked on Adam's Polishes a couple of months ago, with my arsenal (collection?) growing very quickly in the weeks that followed.


Have been reading the forums a while now and just now built up courage to say hello and start posting.


Feels great to be a part of the community and look especially forward to learning new tricks about how to maintain vehicles looking their best. Learned a lot already from lurking behind the scenes on the forum.


Thank you all in advance...

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 I'm not sure the living room is a good place to store the overflowing stash. The current deal is the garage is my place, the rest of the house is her's. I'm perfectly ok with that...

Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  :lol:    I did eventually put up new cabinets in the garage just to hold my Adam's stash.

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I use to keep mine in the garage, but after I was educated here , i quickly moved everything indoors, becauae temps can negatively impact the chemicals. My overflow is kept in the basement and my 15 or so primary products are in a bucket in the coat closet just inside from the garage.

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I'm fortunate that my garage is attached to the house and is somewhat climate controlled, so I don't run the risk of temperature negatively affecting the products. The "temporary" overflow in the living room (haha) was a result of purchasing quite a bit of Adam's product in a short amount of time. I placed (3) regular orders about a week apart, and then felt compelled to try my hand at the Limited Edition 3.5 Gallon Mystery Bucket and followed that up with a Mystery Box and then another 5 Gallon Mystery Bucket.  Too much to find space for all at once, so the living room was the spot for a few weeks. :D


I'm also fortunate that I have an understanding wife !!!!

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