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Anybody notice the new products on the website?

Hamilton Detail

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Boy, they are proud of that stuff, aren’t they?


Notice it says "case of 12" which prices it at about $19.99 for the product. 


Andrew was fast as those products have been hidden from view again, probably due to release for the weekend or next week. 

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I'm pretty sure they have locking casters on those. 


Your pretty sure is dead on, look at the wheel in the photo, shows the locking mechanism right on it. 


As for the Gravel Driveway problem you can always modify it to accept some 6in run flats lol 


Just an option lol. 

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Here's the official sale thread:





I have the previous version of the bucket caddy, and they work fine on my sloped driveway.  I just apply the brakes on the wheels a little, just enough to keep them from rolling away, but not completely locked, so I can still push them around.


They really are handy when working on the wheels, being able to roll the bucket around and not having to carry it.

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