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Happy to be here, Adam's Polishes came highly recommended. I have a brand new Tesla Model 3, Complete XPEL Stealth Wrap with Ceramic Pro coating.


I'm looking for a starter pack for 2 bucket method washing. I'm new to all of this and a little overwhelmed. I have no idea where to start!  :)


Can anyone recommend what I should purchase in terms of The Basica?


Thanks so much!

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Welcome friend! @groovetezla Whats your name? You are surely in the right place! Wow a Tesla! model 3's are sweet! Very smart about putting Xpel on it! Post some pictures pics of it! For some basics for a 2 bucket wash heres what I would recommend.. 


Do you have a pressure washer or do you have access to a running hose? if you have a pressure washer, A foam cannon is a great tool to foam down your car and really loosen dirt before washing the vehicle. If you have a hose instead, then a foam gun (premium or standard depending on your budget) would be great as well. doesnt add as much foam to the car but still adds suds. The following are things I would say you would need in order to complete a standard wash!! 



1) Soap. Car shampoo is great because its exactly what it sounds like. Or Ultra foam shampoo. This goes back to wether or not you have a pressure washer. I love using Ultra Foam Shampoo in the foam cannon because it produces some crazy thick foam. But either will get the job done! 


2) Tire and rubber cleaner. This product is exactly what it sounds like. It is for cleaning tires. It also works great on floor mats as well. Spray this on your tires and a stiff bristle brush and scrub those tires. Brown suds will come off the tires indicating that they are dirty. I clean mine usually 2 times because after you rinse off the tires from the first scrub and spray it on and scrub again the suds will be white showing the tire is clean. 


3) Wheel Cleaner This is one of my favorite products because it contains an iron remover and when you spray it on your wheels it will turn purple when its activating with the iron. 


4) Tire shine/VRT (Dressings)You'll want some form of dressing for your tires. If you like shiny tires, tire shine is more of the route to go. If you like more matte black with a little bit of shine, VRT works well. Both great products but cant go wrong with either. VRT stand for Vinyl Rubber and Trim. So any black trim pieces on your car you can apply VRT onto and make it a deep black. So you could kill two birds with one stone and get VRT but if you're applying it to trim and tires, you'll run out of it faster. 


5) Glass Cleaner Once you clean your car, you're gonna have dry water spots on your windows. You'll want to have something to clean that with. Glass cleaner is great. very simple and very effective product. 

6) Buckets If you do not already have buckets then you will need 3. One for wheels, and one for washing and rinsing your wash pad. You never want to contaminate your wheel bucket with the bucket you would be washing  your car with. You would instal many scratches and swirls. 



Towels/rags/and Brushes 

You will need something to wash the car with, dry the car, and do windows so here are my 3 picks.


10 inch car wash pad this will compliment your shampoo you decide to pick up. You'll squirt a few ounces into the wash pad and spray the pad with a hose or pressure washer. this will make tons of suds in your bucket. 


Soft bristle brush  This brush will be used on your wheels. It is exactly what is sounds like. Very soft bristles so its gentle on your wheels and wont scratch them. 

Stiff bristle brush This brush is stiff enough to clean your tires while using Tire and Rubber Cleaner. 

Fender brush This is a great brush if you have plastic fender liners. You spray TRC up in them and agitate and they will become clean from dirt or sand and salt from winter roads (depending on where you live)


Drying towel  Your car will be wet after you wash it! You will need to dry it off with something. The ultra plush drying towel is one my favorite. They just released a Double Plush Drying Towel around black Friday. They are huge. I love them. I picked up a few and they are so big and hold so much water. But any drying towel will work just fine. 




Extras: Detail spray is a great drying aid or stand alone product. spray it on when drying to car to add some shine and help dry. Or if you see your car is lightly dirty you can take a rag and spray the car (lightly mist) and wipe away the dust. It is the best selling product!


If you decide to get some detail spray you should get a Single Soft or Double Soft rag. They are crazy soft and gentle and wont do any harm to your paint. 




I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! That is my basic needs for a simple wash!

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