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I'm new to car washing in general and i have a few questions that I would like answer to.

1). When I'm hand washing i always somehow miss a few spots that I only notice the next day, anyway tips i could get

2). When I'm drying my car with a mircofiber towel i feel like I'm dragging it and i don't know if that from wrong towels or from wrong technique. 

3). How do i wax my car.


I drive a 2018 Mustang Ecoboost

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Welcome to the forum!  :welcomebanner: 


When  you're hand washing, do your drying while using Detail Spray.  You'd be surprised how much happier you'll be when you're done.

If your towel is dragging, you're missing something in your car care and your surface isn't smooth.  Do a baggie test ... put a sandwich or plastic baggie over your hand and run it over the paint. If it feels gritty through the bag, you  need to clay and start from scratch.  

As for waxing, there are a million answers. Best place to start is watching Adam's videos from start to stop.   A lot of us have gone from waxing to ceramic spray or coatings.  Nearly eliminates having to wax.  But any of Adam's waxes are just fine.  Buttery Wax is a good starter wax,  Americana will give you more protection than the Buttery, Patriot is a step up and easier to use, and Ceramic Wax will give you the longest lasting wax. You don't have to have your car ceramic coated to use the Ceramic Wax.  

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@Girdirty welcome to the forum.  You didn't mention what color your Mustang is and we, especially those of us with Mustangs, really appreciate pictures of them.  If you have a black one, they are more difficult to keep clean, but if it is Red, then I can give you a lot of pointers.


The search on the forum site works very well and if you search for Mustang you will get to see many beautiful cars.  As @Rich mentioned about the waxes, they are easy to use and you'll get the hang of it them by starting with Buttery Wax.  It is easy to apply and take off and you'll get practice since it only last about a month in our nice southern sun.  I just did the Mustang we restored with Ceramic Wax and it is beautiful.  It takes some work and and you want make sure the car is spotless before you use it since it is a high cost wax. 


So, post some pictures, do some reading and ask questions, the people on this site are very helpful.

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