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OK winters almost up time to strip



ok everyone just as title says winter is almost up been doing some planning about what to do with my car, wife, and daughters car.  Mine first.  White buick lacrosse.  time to act like a real detailer and make the white car shine. help me out how do I make a white car shine like the sun.  chime in everyone.

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Owning a white car myself, I love the simple combo of PS and HGG. They play great with white. W&W is also awesome for maintenance washes. Of course, good prep first is key, including Iron Remover.


Here's some shine I got on my car with that process (minus IR) last Spring.









And here's a customer's car I did last month. No paint correction, but I did clay (mitt), iron removal, W&W and HGG. (Sorry for the sun angle)






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Caring for white is really no different from any other paint. The prep is what brings about the gloss. Really the only color that needs special care (and even then it’s not special, just can’t cut corners) is black since it shows everything. 


Polish it down. Protect it up. 

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