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Water Spots on Windows



Sorry, I'm sure there are 1000 topics on this, but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for removing water spots on windows.  Long story short, I'm detailing a co-workers car (I've had it all week, and I'm almost done), but didn't notice until after claying the windshield that it has some bad water spots at the bottom.  Not sure if it is from hard water, rain water baking on in the sun, etc. etc.  Either way, I'm just looking for something that might work.  I've tried a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 distilled vinegar, spraying it on, letting it sit a few minutes, and then wiping off with a microfiber towel.  


What do you suggest that is readily available (I'm giving him the car back tomorrow, so if I can't get it at a local store, then I won't be able to try it).



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