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Hello from Maple Ridge


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HI All

Rod here.

First off thanks to all who post questions and answers - I have learned much from you!

I've been detailing cars on and off as a hobby for a couple decades. I started with the intention of saving money on car washes and protecting our investments from the harsh Toronto weather. Soon I grew to really enjoy the time spent cleaning as well as the results that made our old cars look quite a bit younger than they were.

Most of my experience in the past has been with another brand that starts with an M and has a gold logo. That's mostly because it was readily available where I lived but I have been really satisfied with their products. Last year we move back home to the Vancouver area and we went on a Camaro rally with my mother in law, and I was introduced to Adam's products which many of the club members use. A few months later we attended the Barrett-Jackson auction in Vegas and spent some time talking to the folks at the Adam's stand. Was really impressed with how crazily silky smooth they had the vehicles on display.

All my car care supplies were given to friends when we moved back across the country so I am rebuilding my inventory and will definitely be adding some Adam's products into the mix. I have a lot of fun ahead of me - in addition to my Equinox and wife's Beetle, there are two black Camaros and another Equinox all of which I am going to try to get just as shiny and glossy as the cars on display in Vegas.

I look forward to learning more from the group and sharing some of my work as I detail my way through the fleet. 


Thanks and I promise most of my posts will be shorter ;)

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1 hour ago, stalebreadjr said:

Hey Rod!  Welcome from Georgia!  I bet its tough keeping those cars shiny up there in Toronto! :D Got some pics of your rides?  Would love to see them.

Hi Matt - thanks for the welcome. You are right - keeping the cars shiny in Toronto was tough, especially in winter. Now we are back in Vancouver it won't be snow ice and salt to deal with...just a lotta rain. 

Will be doing a little light winter prep, and then proper correction and protection in the spring. Pics of the neglected rides to come soon as I get 'em ready for the next few months.

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Welcome to the forum Rod.  Those wonderful Toronto winters, I'm formerly from just south of the border and now living in South Carolina.  I get up Toronto one or twice year for work, which is usually January or February.  We enjoy pictures, so don't hesitate to post the outcome of your therapy sessions.

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Thanks Ray. Sure miss the area and the good friends we made there. Depending on where you were just south of the border you might have spent a pile more time on the shovel than we did.

Pics are a coming. Don't have any handy, and certainly none showing a shiny surface, lol. More to come...

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Thanks Rich! My 'nox is just over 7 years old, and just rolled over 100,000 miles. Looks pretty good for its age despite being a daily driver, being parked outside for most of its life, and the last couple years of neglect. Pics of that and the wife's bug to come soon. In the meantime here is one of my mother in law's two Camaros which I will be taking care of.

Going to do some paint correction and protecting on this over the next couple weeks, so I have to order supplies today. And a swirl killer. 😁


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