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Recommendations for a basketball chest protector/guard shirt


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My son was diagnosed with an enlarged aortic root several years ago.  His cardiologist restricted him from sports since a blow to the chest could cause an aortic dissection.  Since then, he has grown out of it/into it.  We still make regular visits to the cardiologist and he was partially released 3 years ago and fully released last year (I think).


He plays basketball, a forward, and loves it.  But he isn't as aggressive as he would like to be.  He is still worried about taking a blow to the chest. 


Has anyone had any experience with a basketball chest protector/guard shirt or as one friend called it a flak jacket?  I found several options online, but I'm more curious about if anyone has had any experience with one, recommended brands, brands to stay away from, etc. 

Thank you for your time!

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@vollychief my son was diagnosed with an ASD (small hole) in his heart a few years ago.  Thankfully there was a fix and after Successful open heart surgery (shout out to the great Dr at NY Presbyterian!!)  repaired the hole.  After a few months he was cleared to play ANY sport.  
 For the past few years he has worn a chest guard for baseball and basketball. Below are the two options.  He usually wears the Evoshield for baseball and opts for the softer type one for basketball.  
The Evoshield is harder and gets custom fit to the chest.  Id opt for that, bc if u take and elbow to the chest it would def disperse the pressure.  


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Yes it is a great forum!  I truly appreciate it!


Thank you @tlbullet!!!  Coaches approved as long as they are soft.  After I brought it up, he doesn't want to wear one.  I think part of the reason why is he doesn't want to look different than the other kids.  It's a long season.  I will keep you updated.


Thank you again for feedback and information!

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I'm impressed that questions like this can be asked and answered maturely without some smartass answers.  To both you guys, my best to both of you for being great dads and letting your boys do things again.  That takes a leap of faith and confidence in your kids.  

My boy had a brain tumor at 11, 5 neurosurgeries, four shuts.  And we were told he would never be independent or work or drive.  He's 42 now, been living independently for 12 years, and drives across state daily.  You two guys got it down in the way you're handling it.  My hat's off to you both.  

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