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Trying to polish new wheels - not working



Hey everyone. So im trying to polish my new wheels to get more clarity out of them and nothing im doing is helping - in fact it might be making it worse than it was. These spoke faces look HORRIBLE in my opinion. Ive tried flitz to no avail and adams #2 figuring i wouldnt need #1 as its already got a polished surface to start with. 


Any suggestions to try and get this wheels cleared up?  






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The surface of the metal that makes up the wheel looks rough. The only way to get a mirror, polished surface would be to start by sanding. On raw aluminum I've found the foam of the Mother's Power ball/cone to be too aggressive, leaving scratches; that's what I believe I see in your after pictures.

My Raw Billet Aluminum CCW's purchased used (started to polish the lip to see what I had to work with in this pic):



Countless hours by me, and a professional working them too:


The wheels are coated with Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating, they are wiped down with Ceramic Waterless Wash (once cooled down) after every drive, and hand polished at the end of every show season. Hand polishing is 1.5-2 hours per wheel once off the car. The Ceramic Spray Coating polishes off easily by hand with Adam's Metal Polishes.

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