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New wheels and tires for the 4Runner


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Got some new wheels and tires for the 4 runner. I went with the Method 305NV in matte black (17x8.5). For tires I was between a few different ones. I had looked at the Toyo Open Country AT2's, the Nitto Ridge Grapplers and the Firestone MT2's. I decided on the Firestone's because I thought they looked the best and it really changes the whole look of the truck. I went with 285/70/17. Stock tires are 265/70/17 so it rubs a little bit at full lock, but not nearly as much as I thought they would. I was between 275 and 285 wide tires but I am glad I went with 285 because the fitment is nearly perfect. It sits almost flush if not exactly flush with the fender and that was my goal. I coated them with the Adams Wheel Coating. This was my first time doing anything like this so I was super excited to do it. I also did a few layers of Tire Armor on the back sides of the tires to help prevent the browning of them. I think it turned out great. Here are some pictures! 










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That fitment looks perfect. I have 33x12.50 on my SUV and they stick out a ton. It looks cool but it makes it impossible to keep clean. I need to new tires when I get the engine back together so I'll probably go with something narrower. 


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@Bscott94 Wow! those are huge! I am not sure if i could ever do that. I would go nuts with how dirty it would get. 

22 hours ago, Rich said:

That's a big improvement!  Great looking ride!

 Thanks Rich! I am extremely happy with how it turned out. Next think I think I want to do  is auxiliary lighting.. I already have the Baja Designs Squadron Pro Wide Cornering lights sitting in my cart. Just waiting to pull the trigger. 


1 hour ago, @Dmax_HD said:

Looks awesome man, congrats! Send some off-road pix too 🔥😉

Thanks buddy!  And what do you mean by "Off road"? I heard the mall has some good spots 😉

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