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I just starting looking over the website yesterday and then decided i'm going to give this brand a shot. I purchased a 2019 Equinox Storm Blue last April and was my first vehicle that i have owned personally in the past 16 years (I used bus transportation). Even though my wife has a vehicle and sure i throw some wax on it once or twice a year, some of you know the feeling....it's not yours. Last year i threw some wax on my Nox last June and surprisingly it held up pretty good (Synthetic and ceramic). Then in the last few months i been watching videos and researching this one company and one thing i hated, was i see too many options to do one thing. So i was familiar with Adams Polishes as i have seen them come up in "wax shoot out" videos so i knew the brand is a good product. 

Yesterday i decided that I was 90% all in with Adams Polishes. What i gathered was the website had a ton of great information as well as Youtube videos. Nothing like hey this is wax, it makes it shine, since i like the nerdy stuff of wax. So what was the extra 10%? I went to this forum and looked at the car pictures and everything looked sooooo goooodddd. My vehicle has a medium blue color, not dark, but not light, and i know it can shine real nice with like a gloss wax.

 I think as of now i am going to get a interior cleaner and the tire & rubber cleaner for my mats. 

I gave you a ear full, but just introducing you on where i am coming from...beats just saying hi, right!


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Welcome to the forum Stephen.  I have a 19 Nox too, but black.  I used the Ceramic Spray Coating on it (did the full detail) and it has held up 8 months now.  


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