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Kinda of a re introduction

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As the title says I guess I’m re introduce my self, I have no idea how long it’s been since I joined Or posted and like anything else life and work got in the way as usual. I think last time i posted I had my black Elantra coupe well that got traded in last year for a new to me 16 Sierra 1500 Denali In limited addiction red tint coat pic will be posted at the end, and I think I may have posted a picture of my 09 Fiji blue Perl Civic pic will also be posted at the end. I think I might posted this in my 1st post but i can’t remember my life was basically turned upside down flipped inside out etc, I lost my dad after his 7 year battle with cancer, and along with my work schedule of 50-65 hours a week i do everything I can to help and take care of the house and everything else for my mom including her 2018 Honda Pilot. I’ll try my best to post stuff and reply to this and try to help answer questions or give some guidance on topics that I find when I log in. Thank you, now on to pics. If any is wondering what motor the Denali has it’s the 6.2L and the civic I have more photos just have to find them, the flames are airbrushed with stencils and free hand EEEE13F3-95D4-4FBC-8222-7517126C5275.thumb.jpeg.2ebd3739348aa876195f7af74c1c6e56.jpeg6F8D0B6D-25DF-4518-8617-9AD12E29CEEF.thumb.jpeg.5951fd466af0b1e9265c3038cb6edbdd.jpeg

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Welcome back, Chris!


You joined in December 2014, and last posted in November 2015. Sorry for your lose and the difficulties you had, and we look forward to having you back on here! A lot has changed in the Adam's lineup so we'll help guide you with whatever you need.

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Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by the forum again - that's a beautiful truck you have there! I'm very sorry for the loss of your father. Losing a family member to cancer was one of the hardest things I've dealt with in my life, but it's very admirable that you are helping out your mom however you can too.


We're happy to have you back, keep on shining! 

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