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SkyBaby is getting a New Sky

SkyBaby Aubrey

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  • 2 weeks later...
Good luck !!!!


And remember, don't let them wash it !!!! Take it home and do it right :rockon:



Absolutely.... Already told them that.... I just hope they LISTEN..... lol..... Oh... and I just wanted to put this out there if anyone is interested....and not sure where to post it at..... Every year I have a big BBQ... BDay bash.. swim, bar, music fun.... This next year is going to be July 18..... Skip comes up from Alabama with his Sky every year... and this last year, Saturn 360 did a story on me in their summer edition.. It was awesome....This will be the 4th annual SkyBaby BBQ.... so... ALL ARE INVITED.... I do have floor space.. and lots of room in yard for tents... I can get lists of hotels in area.. but.... due to health concerns with Skip... I really want to make it count this next summer... The first year... in 06 We had 6 Skys in the yard.. the second year we had 11... this year we had 17 Skys and Sols.. VERY AWESOME..... anyway.... MARKER IT IN ON THE CALENDAR..

We will have a band this next time and bonfires, etc... should be a fun time. Thx SkyBaby

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I did get the new Sky home.... I named her Angel.. it fits with my WindRestrictor which is a heart and wings. I am sick and not feeling well because of my arthritis so, hopefully soon, I can be out and about putting some SMiles on Angel.. and take some pics... SkyBaby

If anyone wants a calendar of SkyBaby... or of Skys... let me know.... You can PM me about the content if you are interested.. the proceeds go toward organ donation awareness...THX ALL... they are 20 each and I send them out ASAP....

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