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Big Thumbs Up To Ashley!!!

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Talk about customer service.....


Sent an email to Ashley at 10:15AM to see if I can change around my order to add on two empty bottles. (want to dilute down the APC and VRT)


I get am email back at 10:17AM saying not a problem, all taken care of.


Tell me how it can get any better than that?


Thank you Ashley and the whole Adams team! :banana:

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I had placed an order, but it hadn't shipped yet. I saw a daily special and wanted to add it. About 10 minutes later on the live chat I had everything added. She hooked it up. I think that is why I love coming back and ordering stuff.


Some people have asked me why I buy Adam's. Well its proven as i saw for myself. Its mainly their customer service, junkman, and these forums. Makes for a winning combination.

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