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  2. Hello, Would it be okay to buff out Buttery Wax with a machine? Random or orbital? Wool, foam, or terry cloth pad? I have a large boat and would like to wax it more often but I need to be efficient or it's just not going to happen as frequently as I would like. Thanks, Dave
  3. Great I can't even get anyone to re chrome them
  4. Today
  5. Long time follower - first time poster. I recently applied to Ceramic Spray to my daily driver. My typical washing regimen is to wash with Adam's Wash 'n Wax, use detailing spray when drying, and follow up with either detail spray or H2O Gloss 'n Guard to clean up any streaking and/or water stops. Now that I have applied the Ceramic Spray, will I be hurting the properties of the Ceramic Spray by using either DS or GG? If I remember correctly, its not recommended to use either on the traditional coating. I thought I saw a video where it said its okay to use DS or GG on the Ceramic Spray, but I cannot seem to find it. If its not recommended to use DS or GG over the Ceramic Spray, what have others been using when drying and getting rid of any streaks or water spots?
  6. I would suggest topping it with another ceramic product, maybe Ceramic Boost.
  7. Understood. Not even to use as a topper to to the coating on the trim?
  8. Rich

    New ride

    Thanks all. I'm really liking it. Big change from driving the little Caddy. And of course, black is still a pain in the ***. Probably should have bought a different color, but we both got tired of shopping and we couldn't pass up the deal we got.
  9. Thanks, tried that prior to posting... no luck. I'm still hopeful the Garage Sale seller will drop them in the mail... shy of that I'm kinda stuck.
  10. If no offers, try and contact Adam's. They might be able to hook you up.
  11. No I doubt it, they look pretty well gone. I think they will continue to peel.
  12. Yesterday
  13. So I went to do the rims and I notice that the chrome in the barrel has started to peel on one of my rims. If I peel it off and then ceramic coat it will it prevent it from getting worse?
  14. I like to use normal shampoo, then get to hand polishing them bad boys bringing them to a shine. MP 1 and 2 do the trick.
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