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  1. Don't waste them on customers, not everyone likes what you might like.
  2. And I do not have any Vette posters I can send you !! Nice ride !!
  3. It wont work with your Shelby ! ? LOL . Stay safe my friend
  4. Agree with all above statements as well. Yes you will need a polisher, 2 pads of each color, a bottle of each compound, 3 different towels, and most important, SKILL to do it. Don't just ick up a polisher and go to town on your car, practice first on something else with clear coat on it. The investment for all the products you will need will be the cost of a good detail, so you can attack it yourself and have products you need to keep your cars pristine all the time or drop it off with someone and pick it up when its done. As you can see, most scratches will come out, lol !!
  5. Thanks so much for the compliment ! Maintaining the shine takes some love but the funny thing is, I cant get the shine off the cars !! They always look so nice because I keep up with them all the time. Foam gun or cannon is a must, microfiber mitt, using a Master Blaster for drying purposes instead of hand drying, paint correcting any and all scratches, ALL of it done with Adams products, but for shine, Brilliant Glaze and Patriots wax is my go to products for shine. That includes EVERYTHING on the cars. Windows, paint, door jams, interior parts that need shine, underneath gets a coat as well !!
  6. Last two pics posted above are reflections (sorry about the edit ! ) off of both cars. First one is my neighbors house 200 feet away off the quarter panel of my Shelby and the other is the reflection of my Shelby off the door of my 07 GT
  7. I attend many high end car shows with my Mustangs and although the parts aren't Adams, all the detailing is ! I get so many compliments on the paint of both cars, the 07 stang was at a show in Boston and I had the head judge ask me if the paint was factory done, I told him absolutely it was, he asked because 5 other judges looked at it and they said it wasn't !! Lovin the shine !!
  8. Green pad was used for Adams Severe Swirl Remover, great scratch removal but VERY dusty. I still have a ton of them and even a gallon of SSR left over. Being an Adams user for a long time now, pads come and go as well as polishes. Before the flat pads were the best, then the waffle, then the flat , back to waffle, back to flat again, YIKES ! I have so many new and old pads that I use, all seem to do a fairly similar job. The quality of the polishes have gotten better over the years for sure.
  9. Thanks! How about the ceramic spray after the 4 hour cure time ?
  10. After applying Adams Ceramic Paste Wax on a car or truck, how long after applying the ceramic paste wax can you apply Adams Ceramic Boost ? Right away, an hour, 4 hours ??
  11. Agreed. Last sale my shipment took 12 days to arrive, little to long for my taste. BUT AWESOME PRODUCTS !!
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