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  1. Great job on getting up all that hair! I'll go throw up now
  2. Great video. I'm glad there was no pop up quiz after !!
  3. Did the bottle change on the Ceramic Spray from the skinny white bottle to a clear style bottle with a old style sprayer ? Looks different than all the other ceramic (bottles)stuff in that line.
  4. I have a new gallon of Waterless Wash, new bottle of Paint Sealant, new bottle of Eco Wheel Cleaner, if you have any intrest in those Im up for a trade.....
  5. Everyone must be getting thier C8 vetts ! The guy who I did the other C8 for, posted yesterday, was a friend of his and loved the insanse Adams shine ! Same process,different color, but just as cool.
  6. Very scary situation ! Prayers for all
  7. Thanks for all the nice complements ! Yes it is a bummer that the detail guys in these shops use such garbage to prep these cars. You would think they should all look like this one did when it left my garage. I'll keep the other pics to myself but I have more bad ones but I guess its how it looks in the end that matters.
  8. So a buddy of mine just picked up his new vette, but the dealer trashed it as usual, so it needd a litle love from me and Adams. Strip washed, claybared, 2 step paint correction, Brilliant Glaze, Americana wax and some Slick and Slide added for a little extra pop. Needless to say it looks a lot better !!
  9. Quick update: it seems all my files listed HEIC are the ones that I cant see before I upload them or drag them before posting. Is the HEIC mode an issue uplaoading to Adams website?
  10. Standard I believe and uploaded to One Drive and or into my Pictures. Didnt seem to have an issue before the forum update? For example, the pic posted below loaded fine, you can see the image befor uplaoding it to the post. JPG File on 6-11-15-dimensions-3264x2448/ Size-1.45 mb. Just noticed, when I tried to downlaod a pic just taken this weekend, it says HEIC file, not JPG file. Is that the issue, how do I get them to download to JPG file instead?? Thanks for any and all help !!
  11. For whatever reason, everytime I download new pics, I can not see what was downloaded and will also lead to all of pics being seen in my files. Any of my old photos I have, no issues at all. I just posted a old pic on the forum just now with no issue. I also tried to download new pics I took over the weekend of a detail I did, it wont let me see the pic before I post it on the forum. Pics taken with an I Phone. Any ideas????????
  12. Just like Rich said, polishing is the best step. Removing scratches will bring out the best in your paint. Polishing by hand is ok, but perfection only comes with a machine.
  13. No issues with the regular sprayers just the ceramic ones
  14. As a 110% dedicated to Adams products customer, I have to say the only problem I have had with any of the products, isn't made by them. The sprayers on the new ceramic line are horrible, in my opinion. They either don't work at all, get clogged after a few sprays, get jammed up and ceramic just pours out of the dispensers, etc. And yes I have cleaned them, cleaned them right after application of product, boiled them in hot water, pumped prep coat through them, useless. Anyone else with issues? The ceramic product line is awesome , as well as all Adams stuff, but the sprayers, ugh ! I have now
  15. Update. I was told NOT to use Slick and Slide on ceramic finishes by Adams. It seems to interfere with the active ingredients in the ceramic, one reason for the lint and can also lead to some streaking as well. Great stuff just be careful using it on ceramic
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