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  1. Well I guess we'll have to agree to disagree then. LOL
  2. Personally, halogens produce the best amount light when doing a paint correction, LEDs produce the best amount of light for showing off and bringing out the paint perfection and depth. I have 5 strategically placed 500 watt halogens in my ceilings that bring out every imperfection in the paint, (and portable ones too) and 12 48"LED strips in the ceiling as well. Here are some pics to show you what I mean. Look at some of the paint correction work with the halogens and you can see it really pulls out all the imperfections like holograms, slight/deep scratches etc. You don't know how bad your paint is until you put it under halogens !
  3. I have bought some stuff from them in the past, all discontinued product, but the shipping cost is crazy !!
  4. Isopropyl Alcohol hands down best for removal, but will also remove any wax etc so will have to reapply
  5. It does have a great stance, not many things on this car that were not thought about before the build. What you cant see is the fully electronic gauges, heated seats etc. All the toys of a 2018 but in a 1978 body !
  6. Here are some pics Chuck sent me from the show floor. Someone from the Adams booth needs to give it a detail spray wipe down in the morning !
  7. The roof was replaced on the car pictured above. Chuck had bought the car with the wrong roof, was supposed to be a Fisher roof which has more glass area. In the footage of the show they show them cutting off and replacing it.
  8. I wanted to show you and tell you a quick story about this detail I did for a friend of mine that's in the SEMA show out in Vegas this week. A good friend of mine had a lifelong dream to purchase his dream car, and so the story begins. My friend Chuck has been looking for the ultimate 1978 Trans Am, and after many years of looking, has found it, and had it built by the Wormak brothers in Florida. The story of this build was shown on the Discovery Channel called "Trans Am", the story of two brothers out to bring back the modern muscle car. It can be seen on the Discovery Channel last month, don't know if anyone had a chance to see it but it has aired many times and can be recalled on that channel pretty easily. The build on the car and the time it took to get it to this level is amazing, over two years. The car is straight as an arrow, has all the modern amenities of a 2018 car, but the nostalgia of the 70's ! How could you not love a black T Top Trans Am ! Long story short, car gets built, shipped up here, and needless to say the car is over the top beautiful, BUT, not all is perfect. Chuck is very picky and was thrilled with the build but the paint needed a little love, here's where me and Adams come in. Not exactly sure what products were used previously but I can tell you it wasn't Adams ! The car didn't have the desired "POP" in the paint Chuck was looking for and some minor touch ups were needed to make this car everything Chuck was looking for. So after some careful time on the car with the machine and a boot load of Adams products at my disposal, the end results are amazing. Chuck is over the top happy now with the results, drives the car when its nice out, and gets the call from the Discovery Channel that they want it to go to Las Vegas for the SEMA Show, and then "IT" happened ! Chuck brings the car down to a dyno shop up here to have it fine tuned, and yes they were told to not leave or drive the car in the rain, and Yes they did both, and to make it worse, they wiped it down to get the rain off with some type of nasty towels and scratched the entire car ! He was beside himself, called me, and brought it back to have it perfected again. I ended up perfecting it again and off on the trailer it went to Vegas. There is a lot more to this story than I can write for you and will respect all parties involved in this build, but the end result is perfection in his life long dream car. Not in the story, is Chucks recent diagnosis with ALS. He is also a retired veteran and one of the greatest guys you will meet. Enjoy the pics and if your in Vegas at the SEMA show ( no I'm not there) check out the car in the booth and just know it was all ADAMS PRODUCTS that made this baby shine !!
  9. " The Thing" to do now is why most people don't know how to take care of their car properly. They need to come over from the dark side to Adams !!
  10. First, sorry not to get to you or other compliments I got, but was on vacation last week and didn't have the ability to react. So, I did use a machine to remove all the scratches and you will have to as well. You will never able to be remove any scratches without a machine, you might be able to cover them when glazing or waxing but you are just filling those imperfections but will definitely return. And those type of scratches are not coming out at that level unless you know what your doing, there is 15 hours into that detail
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