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  1. 07stanggt

    Detail Spray and Shampoo

    I have an unused Ceramic Boost (not 2.0) I'll trade you for the shampoo
  2. 07stanggt

    Green with Envy

    She was ….. !!
  3. 07stanggt

    Green with Envy

    You would have thought with the condition of the car it did go back and forth to Mars !!
  4. 07stanggt

    So you think you have scratches

    I used Adams Orange and White polishes and matching pads, some older style as well as new pads, Flex 3401 machine, Thanks !!
  5. 07stanggt

    So you think you have scratches

    No way was I going down that road with a daily driver, nor did he. There has been very few and far between instances where a machine wont get all the scratches out
  6. 07stanggt

    Green with Envy

    Thanks for all the great complements !!
  7. 07stanggt

    So you think you have scratches

    Thanks for all the above complements ! There is a lot of metal on that truck !!
  8. 07stanggt

    Adams Ceramic Pate Wax over C QuartZ

    Have fun with it ! Make sure all your panels are perfect, took a lot longer to work with the ceramic wax than the norm, but the results and added protection is worth it !
  9. As the title says, here are a couple cars that were done with an overlay of Adams Ceramic Paste Wax on top of CQtz. I did not clay or buff the cars as both would start eating away at the ceramic that was already done. A very good bath was done with Adams Car Shampoo, a very good wipe down with Adams Detail Spray, and then a coat of Adams Cer. P Wax. I think the combo looks insane, as well as very well protected paint. I will have to say the new Adams C wax brought the shine to a hole new level.
  10. 07stanggt

    Green with Envy

    This poor little Lotus needed some serious help ! I was at a car show and I met this nice lady that was blown away how beautiful my paint was on my Mustang I brought to the show. She asked me "how did you get your paint so perfect like that"? After a short description on that matter she brought to her car and said she had a detailer buff it out for her but it still has some scratches in it. YIKES I said, a detailer did that to your paint !? She said a friend of hers did it, I said he should no longer be your friend. !! Most of the car has been wrapped with Expel, just to make it that much harder on me. So after many hours on the Lotus, needless to say it is now the beautiful Green color she should have had in the first place. Although she does track the car at events, it will hold up pretty well. 2 step paint correction with Adams polishes, Liquid paint sealant, B Glaze, Americana, Deep Wheel Cleaner, VRT.
  11. Well hopefully you don't go through car washes as many times as he did but I have to say he wont be doing that again !! Here are some before and after pics of the truck that was paint corrected. Flex 3401, Adams 2 step paint correcting polish, Adams Liquid Paint Sealant and a coat of Americana. Sealant also applied on wheels, VRT "milk" on tires.
  12. Personally I use concentrated Adams Rinseless Wash. I go through about 25 oz or so in a 32 oz bottle when I use it per wash. I find that really soaking the panels and then wiping it gets much better results. The more you apply, the more dirt it will pull off without scratching. 2 ounces in a 32 ounce bottle using distilled water works awesome. Get a spray bottle with a sprayer that dispenses a lot of product. The concentrate is a much better value
  13. 07stanggt

    What to use?

    The only 3M products I used was their wet sanding paper, all other products to get the scratches out was Adams. Have used 3M 105 compound etc., its not going to cut as well as Adams Used a Flex 3401, 2 step pain correcting polish from Adams as well as Adams pads, finished off with Adams Brilliant Glaze and the Adams Patriot Wax. Pics are my Shelby 6 months later looking as good as it did the day I was done with it !
  14. 07stanggt

    Lightly used Flex 3401 with pads

    PM Sent
  15. 07stanggt

    New Black Z06 Paint Correcting woes...

    Why are you using the rotary ? You should be able to eliminate the scratches without that step, really no need for it. Not sure what your using for a machine to remove scratches but here is some pics using a Flex 3401 without the use of any rotary buffer, using Adams compounds.