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  1. Personally I use concentrated Adams Rinseless Wash. I go through about 25 oz or so in a 32 oz bottle when I use it per wash. I find that really soaking the panels and then wiping it gets much better results. The more you apply, the more dirt it will pull off without scratching. 2 ounces in a 32 ounce bottle using distilled water works awesome. Get a spray bottle with a sprayer that dispenses a lot of product. The concentrate is a much better value
  2. 07stanggt

    What to use?

    The only 3M products I used was their wet sanding paper, all other products to get the scratches out was Adams. Have used 3M 105 compound etc., its not going to cut as well as Adams Used a Flex 3401, 2 step pain correcting polish from Adams as well as Adams pads, finished off with Adams Brilliant Glaze and the Adams Patriot Wax. Pics are my Shelby 6 months later looking as good as it did the day I was done with it !
  3. 07stanggt

    Lightly used Flex 3401 with pads

    PM Sent
  4. 07stanggt

    New Black Z06 Paint Correcting woes...

    Why are you using the rotary ? You should be able to eliminate the scratches without that step, really no need for it. Not sure what your using for a machine to remove scratches but here is some pics using a Flex 3401 without the use of any rotary buffer, using Adams compounds.
  5. 07stanggt

    Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible

    Thanks for the kind words and yes, 10 minutes worth of tapeing and covering saves way more time than cleaning the top after everything else was done
  6. 07stanggt

    Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible

    And the better part of the story, he is building something else as well and giving both of them to his two grandchildren, their 5 years old !!
  7. Did some detailing on my buddies1971 Pontiac Lemans Sport convertible that just went through an almost 3 year restoration. This car is one of only 8 made, 400, 4speed, vert, so needed to be careful as well !! There were the usual scratches from being moved around etc. , some wet sanding marks that needed some attention from the body guy, but being black, it was some work. Beautiful triple black, panels are straight as can be. Enjoy
  8. 07stanggt

    All done with the paintwork

    good thing cause that's going to take a while !!
  9. 07stanggt

    All done with the paintwork

    People have said "that's not a reflection, impossible !" till I show them the gas cap lines, spoiler, etc !
  10. 07stanggt

    Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    Hmmm... I hear its very nice in Colorado in the spring ! I'll pack my bags, sandpaper, my Flex and detailing bag, and I'm there. I'll clean that badboy up for ya, except for the engine bay that looks immaculate !
  11. 07stanggt

    All done with the paintwork

    Ha Ha, no orange peel here. Actually there is some, there almost has to be a little or you wet sanded to deep in the clear.
  12. 07stanggt

    Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    Thanks. I'm guessing you know those were pictures of my 2007 engine bay pictured in the last 2 photos not the Shelby engine pictured in the first 3 pics ? The engine bay in the Shelby was nasty to say the least from the previous owner. It was claimed to be "pristine condition" in the ad, far far from it. It is now !!
  13. I posted in the Paint Correcting and Polishing part of the forum ( check out the before and after pics in that post), the wet sanding I had done on my Shelby GT500. I thought since I was done with it I would share some pics. Over 30 hours wet sanding, plus detail time to make it perfect before I put a coat of Brilliant Glaze and then a coat of Patriot wax on it. The wet sanding made the clarity and the depth in the paint outstanding, and then to really give it some pop, Brilliant glaze and Patriot wax was applied. All of the reflection pics are off the vehicle panels, not shot directly at the image !!
  14. 07stanggt

    Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    It took some time to get it to this point, there some pics posted below of how it was when I got it a couple of years ago, horrid to say the least! I blow it out with my Master Blaster almost every time I come back from a drive, I use a long handled duster to get deep down in the engine bay, I wipe rubber all the hoses with VRT, all other painted pieces has Brilliant Glaze and Americana on it. Upkeep with it is the key, and it never sees rain !! A little OCD doesn't help either LOL ! I also run painters tape down each side where the hood and quarter panel meet to alleviate any water getting in the engine bay. I do the same with my 2007 GT as well.
  15. 07stanggt

    Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    Thanks for the comment on the paint. Wetsanding it made all the difference in the world, the paint was always beautiful before, but it ( I ) needed to go to the next level to satisfy my ocd !! I still need to give it a coat or two of Patriots wax before it hits the road in the spring but it will do for now. Here's a couple pics underneath the hood minus the new throttle body going on soon