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  1. Holiday Wish List - Just For Fun

    Brilliant Glaze Americana Wax Detail Spray
  2. How to remove dog hair?

    I hear good things about this....
  3. Suggestions for winter prep

    If you got all the Adams stuff, here's your steps: Wash Clay Apply machine sealant Coat of Brilliant Glaze Buttery Wax (more shine and longer lasting protection w/Americana Wax) Tires with VRT During the winter months when possible, apply H2O GNG for extra protection and shine, and sheer boredom ! Sit back and admire your shine !!
  4. NOVEMBER 2017 Photo Contest - Submissions

    Here's a couple just for fun
  5. NOVEMBER 2017 Photo Contest - Submissions

    Awesome reflection pics so far ! Although I cant win this month, I might throw a pic or two up for fun. And yes black cars are allowed. LOL !!
  6. Its an early Christmas present !!
  7. How about the new Adams blue, orange, white pads for a Flex 3401, will they work ? I am assuming they will.
  8. As mentioned above w/Shane, pull the clay apart frequently so its turns white again and no contamination visible. Almost like your kneading dough for bread. I would suggest claying the whole car first, then start your paint correction. No need to do it twice.
  9. OCTOBER 2017 Photo Contest - Votes

    THANKS to all of you who voted for my pic of my Shelby to win the contest !! Your bottle of detail spray is on its way for your vote like I mentioned ! LOL LOL Thanks again.
  10. New Content ?

    That should work, Thanks.
  11. New Content ?

    Is there a way or something I'm missing to look at "new posts" that were recently added to the forum ?
  12. Forum Upgrade

    Nice upgrade !!
  13. What Do You Look Like???

    Here's the best "reflection selfie" I can find in a moments notice
  14. BIG Shine !

    THANKS for all the above complements !!! Having never done one before, I had to work smart and careful, on 10 foot ladders and aluminum staging . I looked at the job and estimated it by measuring it out as if I were doing 8 car hoods per side and 4 in the back of the rv. I was pretty much spot on.