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  1. Welcome to the forum. But, probably not a good idea to spray any type of undercoating on that carpet type material.
  2. I'm sure your crazy busy but haven't heard from you. My life is in shambles with out sprayers LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sweet, that's what I thought. My guess is redo the application steps, the uv light should be able to pick up the areas the need reapplication. Thanks.
  4. I have some brand new Adams products that are up for trade. I'm open for ideas but towels are my favorite items right now, hint hint !!
  5. I'm all ears, I love new towels !!
  6. That I know, my question is, do I need to remove the Ceramic Coating in that area and if so HOW do I remove the ceramic ?
  7. You mean these ones I've been holding onto forever now.......
  8. Thanks for the advice. Last question. If a scratch or scratches get into the ceramic / clearcoat, whats the best method of removing the scratch?
  9. I have a couple Graphene Coating kits with light coming and have some questions for staff or people that have applied Graphene Coating already. 1-Do I have to throw away the towels/applicators away after wiping down/applying the coating? I hear the product crystalizes and becomes rough. Can I wash them? 2- How many applications can I get out of a 60mm bottle? 3-I have the uv light coming, easier to apply in the dark or stay with my usual lighting when applying? Any difference using a black light as opposed to a uv light? Thanks for all and any input
  10. First of all welcome. Have no fear, Adams is here ! Do your self a favor and stay away from Megs. stuff, 105/205 outdated. Get a bottle of Adams Blue and White compunds, 4 Adams single soft towels,4 Adams polishing pads, and relax. Start slow and take your time. Shouldn't take you to long to correct your issue, just be careful, but have fun. Your porter cable will not burn through clearcoat but still be gentle. That machine will take longer but should work for you. Post some before pics. Here are a couple pics done with a porter cable machine, so here is what can be accomplished. Good luck.
  11. If you have any cool Fall Reflection pics post em up. I'll start with a couple of my 2013 Shelby GT500
  12. I have 4 of the old style sprayers when the line was just introduced. Cleaned out the sprayer, cleaned out the tube, boiled both, etc, no luck !
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