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  1. Does anyone have an extra Christmas detial Spary to trade for a Christmas interior Detailer
  2. Yea it’s been around the same here I have more bottles and more tire shine I’ll just put new stuff just never saw black dots inside of it and I allways keep everything in the garage for like 4 years
  3. Has anyone had their tire shine have mold inside the bottle I have my 32 oz bottle in the garage and has been pretty hot in Illinois the last week and looked st my stuff today and noticed my tire shine has a whole bunch of black dots in it
  4. What I have for trade 1vrt 1 in &out spary 1 pumpkin spice interior (pending trade ) Not pictured 1 Christmas detail spary (pending trade) 1 Christmas interior (pending trade) what im looking for wheel cleaner tire rubber cleaner brushes wheel Woolley towels aersol glass cleaner h20 g&g glass boost Or let me know what you have
  5. Going through stuff and came up with some stuff that I haven’t used or don’t need anymore. Onky thing I ask is whoever would like any of this just pay shipping
  6. I have no problems with mine I like the storage that it provides. Like that has locking wheels. My only complaint is that the front drawer says tool stool instead of Adams. so I just put a sticker over it
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