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  1. Post Mystery Box Trade

    Pm sent
  2. What did you do today?

    Bought a new truck
  3. What Do You Look Like???

  4. I have no problems with mine I like the storage that it provides. Like that has locking wheels. My only complaint is that the front drawer says tool stool instead of Adams. so I just put a sticker over it
  5. Ceramic Boost

    I have a 16 oz wash and wax
  6. FLEX Pad Washing system

    Pm sent
  7. Trade some gallons

    Anyone interested?
  8. Trade some gallons

    I have two brand new gallons of detail spary. Looking for a gallon of tire and rubber cleaner and a gallon of wheel cleaner
  9. Ceramic Paint Coating

    Pm sent
  10. Got mine very nice sign my has a little scratch(yes I peeled the plastic) I'll just get some paint from work
  11. Are all the coatings 50ml bottles?
  12. Can't believe I did this

    Ok that's what's I did. Just didn't know if something would have got messed up. Thank you
  13. Was just wondering if you let ceramic boost freeze and thaw out will it still be good or no? Forogot i put it my trunk and it has got cold around here. So it frozen solid right now.
  14. I pretty much have anything to trade or I would pay if you didn't want to trade anything.