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  1. Nathan

    Adam’s One Step

    I know it will never be as good, but the cheap guys want a cheaper service so I’ll give them this, debating on using this or HD Speed?
  2. Hey guys, if any of you remember me, it’s been a while, business is booming! In your experience how long does the protection last, does it remove swirls effectively, and does it contain fillers? Thanks, Nate
  3. Nathan

    IDA Certification

    How much did it cost for the 10 exams?
  4. You guys should see Minnesota! If you have a red truck, it will be white! On warmer days we still can’t use the hose around here so I found this awesome machine that sprays enough water to get rid of the salt but not make a mess. It’s called the Worx Hydroshot. It’s like a battery operated pressure washer wand, it has a hose that you put into a bucket to draw water. I was able to wash (including foam) a full size pickup with one battery and 2, 5 gallon buckets of hot water! Best truck in town, until it snows again...
  5. Yes, do everything to your headlights that you do to your paint. Polish, seal, wax your headlights! I would recommend letting the bugs presoak by spraying WW on them and letting it sit for a few minutes, the bugs will come off way easier!
  6. Nathan

    Fabric Sealant

    3M fabric scotch guard is the best, though I wish adams would make it, or some kind of fabric guard!
  7. Nathan


    Dusters create swirls and marring. Dragging dry particles against dry particles is a no no. Using WW or DS is much safer and doesn't take much longer.
  8. Nathan

    What did you do today?

    Get those cars on jacks!
  9. Nathan

    Wash Mit Care

    To add: The standerd wash pad Adam’s sells is best for that, it is the most aggressive (not harmful to paint but the best for cleaning) The red wash mitt Adams sells does a good job of removing dirt and stuff and is also very soft. The merino mitt is the softest and safest wash possible. It doesn't remove heavy grit well, it is really meant for Hellcats, Ferrari's, and Porsche's. Cars that you really care about and want zero swirls on.
  10. Nathan

    Food Thread

    Tried to copy Joe lol I'm a car guy not a cook
  11. Nathan

    Weird Polish Marks

    Adams finishing polish is supposed to prep the surface for PS anyways!
  12. Cool! I wonder what the green liquid was? Ceramic Boost?