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  1. Mbrazelton

    Adam’s One Step

    I have to agree with Shane on this one. I used both today, I noticed with the Blue Pad and Microfiber Cutting the One Step doesn't work very well. With the White finishing pad I felt that it would work good. I see for certain times it working good, like my truck that has been paint corrected right now just has minor swirls it would work great.
  2. Mbrazelton

    How many pads and towels do I need?

    Shane, I was actually going to PM you, I was going to ask a question that would fit into here perfect. What type of Pads do you recommend, the Adam's ones work good, but do you have any that I should add to those 4. I only got one set and have quickly learned that I need more.
  3. Mbrazelton


    I think it was sold out late Friday afternoon.
  4. Looking to see if anyone has extra of any of the special edition detail sprays.
  5. Mbrazelton

    Looking for Premium Foam Gun!

    Still looking for one
  6. Mbrazelton


    That's what I ended up doing.
  7. Mbrazelton


    Funny I had it in my cart at 601 and then went to pay and it let me know it was out of stock. Pretty let down with Adams on this one. My guess someone bought 50 of them and we will see them on Ebay tomorrow morning for $400!
  8. Mbrazelton

    Premium or standard foam gun

    I have the standard foam gun now, I have had it about a year and honestly I wish I would have bought the Premium model. It has leaked from the nozzle since I got it, and the spray pattern without the foam gun is weird. Now the plunger will not release so it's stuck on spray 24/7, I have dropped it once/twice, and I'm guess that has to do with it. I used a rubber washer to correct the leaking for a bit not it has got worse, it still puts out foam but wonder if it would be better. Now I am in the process of either trading for or buying a premium model.
  9. Mbrazelton

    Looking for Premium Foam Gun!

    Also looking for Trim coating and One Step polish.
  10. Mbrazelton

    Looking for Premium Foam Gun!

    Pm set
  11. Anyone have a premium foam gun they are looking to trade some products for?
  12. Mbrazelton

    Metro vac suggestions

    I know it's alittle different, but I purchased the ShopVac wall mounted unit, and I love it.
  13. Mbrazelton


    If I check out Wayback Timemachine, it looks like on the 10th it was $19.99, and on the 11th it went up to $29.99
  14. Mbrazelton


    I guess I should have been more specific, I use the least aggresive of the stage needed. nothing more than what is needed.
  15. Mbrazelton

    Anyone have any Throwback Soap?