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  1. I don't use either product, but I am actually interested in seeing how the the new CB2.0 works. I usually seal my truck, and so most of the time I skip the H2O GG just because it's a extra step and I don't feel I would gain anything from it. But I ordered a new truck, that I am wondering how the CB2.0 will work on the wheel, getting paint sealant in these will be tough, so being able to spray CB2.0 on the wheels and wipe off it might be easier to keep them clean for some time. I don't expect it to last 4-6 months on wheels but even a month or two would be good.
  2. Mbrazelton

    Choosing the right products

    I'd also like to thank Shane, me and him have had a conversation about buffing pads. He has also done a lot to answer questions, I think the forum/facebook group is a good tool, some of us detail a lot, and some less. So groups have use or tried things more so its good to share knowledge to others.
  3. Mbrazelton

    Foaming Cleaner on Road Salt Stains??

    I had some residue left over from where my Floor mats don't cover where my gas pedal is on my Silverado. I used the foaming cleaner and a competitors drill brush on mine, took two times and it came out and looked brand new.
  4. Mbrazelton


    With the Special Edition Sprays, the trade forum got out of hand. I had asked people about things, and all they want is special detail spray. They have 2 bottles of shampoo and brilliant glaze, but they want 4 special edition detail spray. So I traded 15 of mine, for a mini swirl killer, so roughly 150$ or $10 a Bottle and I paid Freight just so I didn't have to deal with them anymore. I made a topic about having a positive or negative post about doing deals with people, to hopefully weed out the people that do bad trades.
  5. I guess we no why Karls is no longer a listed as a dealer since the Performance Shop is closing in December.

    1. Mbrazelton


      I had a hunch something like that was going to happen.  That whole deal is strange to me, but I guess they have another performance parts shop, no installs just parts.  But doesn't look like they have any Adams stuff. From what I have gather it was just a pile of events and Carl said it was over.  They wrecked a $400,000 chevelle at Good Guys, that lost them another 3 cars I guess. 

    2. Black Bowtie

      Black Bowtie

      Karl had 8 million invested in the performance shop when opened. I know there were really no big builds going on their after Carnock left and the Corvette Retro ended. I guess I did not hear anything on the Chevelle being wrecked?

  6. I tried this no to long ago, but the big requirement is that you have a showroom for product, so take that into consideration.
  7. Mbrazelton

    Glass Sealant

    I always use the Microfiber applicator. But I keep one just for Glass Sealant. Make sure to get the window good and clean before you seal it. Also for some reason, I feel like I get the window clean, and about 2 hours later I notice a spot with alittle haze. So I usually try to clean it the next do to.
  8. Mbrazelton

    Washing my wash mitt

    I always wash might with clean and free soap in the washing machine, and some MFR. Then dry them on low, after that sometimes i'll take a brush and fluff them a bit.
  9. Mbrazelton

    Wax on trim Removal

    Next time, put VRT on the trim before you wax, it prevents the wax from sticking.
  10. Mbrazelton

    Using BG AND PS combo questions

    This is probably my favorite combo for a metallic car Brilliant Glaze with Paint Sealant. On non-metallic car, just regular Paint Sealant.
  11. I usually get 5-6 cars out of clay, and then I feel like they get wore out or to full. Lately though I've had cars that were pretty gross and seems to be quicker I feel.
  12. I also think it matter how much time you want to spend cleaning it weekly. If you seal it at some point you will have to put some work in to re-seal it in about 6-8 months, I personal like this because usually by that time the truck needs a good simple polish and sealant. Usually right after winter and about right before winter is when I do mine. If you ceramic coat it, you spend more time up front, but the protection last longer. I think a good sealant regime, is just as good as Ceramic Coating. There is about 10 different way to do it, just which one works good for you, same with steps. My wife has a pearl white car, and the steps I use on hers is different then my gun metal truck. Also if you want to Coat it, now would be the time because the truck has less imperfections.
  13. Mbrazelton

    Cold weather storage

    I always pack my items up in winter and put them in the basement. Then the 6-8 items I use in the winter I keep in a trunk organizer.
  14. It would be nice to be able to review people you have traded with, or some sort of system to show people that someone is a positive person to trade with. We are getting a ton of new people on here everyday it would be nice to have some system.
  15. First off, I would like to get rid of these in one large order. I would like to trade all these limited edition sprays for a mini swirl killer. If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll most likely split them up.