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  1. I notice this big time on my wife Pearl White Rav4, it'll get a dingy black film.
  2. Mbrazelton

    We need a dealer in Wisconsin

    Harder than it sound, I tried this for Iowa since their is a huge following here, and the other dealer decided to move out of business. But you have to have a storefront which makes it impossible for any home office people.
  3. Mbrazelton

    Products and steps

    If your going to polish by hand use Revive, it's made more for hand use. One Step by hand will get you very little results, and most likely just make your shoulders hurt for days!
  4. Mbrazelton

    Iron remover

    I like the iron Remover before too, seems to break up some of the bigger Iron deposits. I believe the less the clay needs to remove the better, so if the Iron remover, removes some of the bigger deposits then that's less that the clay removes.
  5. Mbrazelton

    Polish for a new car

    Agree with Shane here. I bought a new Silverado, and it was a little rougher than normal from the factory so I ended up using Correcting Polish and a Orange pad, then moved to Finishing Polish. I feel that the finishing polish always seems to pull some sparkle out of cars. I tend to do a pretty quick finish polish to most cars I seal, my reasoning is that it gives it a good surface to grab to. I think if your going to polish no need to strip wash the second time. I usually just wipe the residue off, and then move onto the sealant.
  6. Mbrazelton

    Looking for new family(ish) car

    I believe the RS are AWD and the ST are FWD.
  7. Mbrazelton

    Looking for new family(ish) car

    How about something like a Focus RS
  8. If you message detail giant on facebook he responds within min. I've messaged him on both, and the fact that I order items from him in the east coast, to ship to the midwest shows alot!
  9. Works awesome of Weathertech floor mats Matt
  10. Mbrazelton

    Slime !

    Stuff works good in the cup holders! If you don't like the feeling of certain textures wear a glove, it seems to stick to your hands.
  11. I don't use either product, but I am actually interested in seeing how the the new CB2.0 works. I usually seal my truck, and so most of the time I skip the H2O GG just because it's a extra step and I don't feel I would gain anything from it. But I ordered a new truck, that I am wondering how the CB2.0 will work on the wheel, getting paint sealant in these will be tough, so being able to spray CB2.0 on the wheels and wipe off it might be easier to keep them clean for some time. I don't expect it to last 4-6 months on wheels but even a month or two would be good.
  12. Mbrazelton

    Choosing the right products

    I'd also like to thank Shane, me and him have had a conversation about buffing pads. He has also done a lot to answer questions, I think the forum/facebook group is a good tool, some of us detail a lot, and some less. So groups have use or tried things more so its good to share knowledge to others.
  13. Mbrazelton

    Foaming Cleaner on Road Salt Stains??

    I had some residue left over from where my Floor mats don't cover where my gas pedal is on my Silverado. I used the foaming cleaner and a competitors drill brush on mine, took two times and it came out and looked brand new.
  14. Mbrazelton


    With the Special Edition Sprays, the trade forum got out of hand. I had asked people about things, and all they want is special detail spray. They have 2 bottles of shampoo and brilliant glaze, but they want 4 special edition detail spray. So I traded 15 of mine, for a mini swirl killer, so roughly 150$ or $10 a Bottle and I paid Freight just so I didn't have to deal with them anymore. I made a topic about having a positive or negative post about doing deals with people, to hopefully weed out the people that do bad trades.
  15. I guess we no why Karls is no longer a listed as a dealer since the Performance Shop is closing in December.

    1. Mbrazelton


      I had a hunch something like that was going to happen.  That whole deal is strange to me, but I guess they have another performance parts shop, no installs just parts.  But doesn't look like they have any Adams stuff. From what I have gather it was just a pile of events and Carl said it was over.  They wrecked a $400,000 chevelle at Good Guys, that lost them another 3 cars I guess. 

    2. Black Bowtie

      Black Bowtie

      Karl had 8 million invested in the performance shop when opened. I know there were really no big builds going on their after Carnock left and the Corvette Retro ended. I guess I did not hear anything on the Chevelle being wrecked?