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  1. I had a very open conversation with Adam himself about 2-3 months ago it was a good conversation where I voiced the same displeasure of Adams. His final words to me were " Vote with your dollar"
  2. Be careful, you complain to much you'll get banished!
  3. This is what I usually do. I have even washed it by hand then foamed it again and used the foam as clay lube.
  4. It's like right now, the new products look awesome, and are some of the less questionable products they have came out with. But I know if I order them it will be 10 days to get them.
  5. This is honestly the reason I have slowed on buying Adam's products, I never knew how long or if it would truly all there. Adam's a great product, but seems that they have focused on limited products, and less about company infastructure.
  6. If the paint was baked after being painted, outgassing isn't much of a big deal. Maybe 1 week then your back to it.
  7. They make a pad(Red Pad) for wax application, don't see why it wouldn't work.
  8. I saw that! I washed mine Friday, then it rained in Ames off and on all weekend.
  9. Or I copied and pasted from Facebook, and instead of your condescending response you can have sent me a message asking to fix it, instead of acting like the big bad Admin ruling the world. I have been here and traded enough, usually I stay away from it because it's a pain. I about ready to load my Adam crap up and throw it in the river because of joke it is!
  10. How about forget trading them, whoever buys the polishers above I'll throw them in for free(Not selling or Trading). Might even throw the rest of the Adams items I have in for free, because I am tired of nonsense!
  11. Would anyone be interested in a 15mm SK and Mini SK kit with extra pads,polishes, and Adams polisher holders. Would like to sell and trade all together. 15mm SwirlKiller Mini SwirlKiller 2xAdam Polisher holders 1xBlack 5.5 Pad 3xOrange 5.5 Pads 3xWhite 5.5 Pads 3xBlue 5.5 Pads 1xMicrofiber 5.5 Pad 2xBlue 3in Pads 2xWhite 3in pads 2Orange 3in Pads Price $550 plus shipping For trade, Orange, blue and white polish. All in One .
  12. We have used AutoArmour a couple times, but that is mostly because of leather tears and things like that. They add a coating, but I usually strip wash the car and paint correct it when I get them home.
  13. One thing I always told my self thru a lot of new cars lately. Is I find a dealer that I trust their service work. New cars are getting more and more expensive to fix, and mechanic shops are getting harder to find. We have a Toyota, and there detailing and service is spot on! We have a Ford Dealer, their service is spot on, but detailing I will keep that on my own.
  14. This weekend is supposed to be 40-50 degree weather. Problem is it’ll melt the snow and make more of a mess.
  15. Balmy -22 here, and -45 with wind chill. Someday i'll be able to clean the truck.
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