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  1. We have used AutoArmour a couple times, but that is mostly because of leather tears and things like that. They add a coating, but I usually strip wash the car and paint correct it when I get them home.
  2. One thing I always told my self thru a lot of new cars lately. Is I find a dealer that I trust their service work. New cars are getting more and more expensive to fix, and mechanic shops are getting harder to find. We have a Toyota, and there detailing and service is spot on! We have a Ford Dealer, their service is spot on, but detailing I will keep that on my own.
  3. This weekend is supposed to be 40-50 degree weather. Problem is it’ll melt the snow and make more of a mess.
  4. Balmy -22 here, and -45 with wind chill. Someday i'll be able to clean the truck.
  5. I believe they had some problems with the first batch, that is probably why this is bad reviews. I think that fact that you said your suprised they even got posted is wrong. If people want to leave a bad review because they have a problem they are allowed to, that how it works. Also a lot of people lately have been bother by the mass rebranding that Adam's has done, and the direction they have went.
  6. That's how it was about 2 years ago when I started, now its just OK at the best. But looks like Adam still has the right ideas, and his employees might just reminded of the values!
  7. Don't feel bad I asked if I could purchase a couple gallon jugs to consolidate a couple bottles that were broken. I was told by Colton, that that was a special request and it could not be processed by Adams on Facebook. I was alittle shocked, that after spending 2500$ in less than two years. I decided to part ways, I sold alot of my extra stuff I stocked to help out friends, and am actually in the process of trying to find a different brand. It's sad my business was lost over $10 in jugs.
  8. I notice this big time on my wife Pearl White Rav4, it'll get a dingy black film.
  9. Harder than it sound, I tried this for Iowa since their is a huge following here, and the other dealer decided to move out of business. But you have to have a storefront which makes it impossible for any home office people.
  10. If your going to polish by hand use Revive, it's made more for hand use. One Step by hand will get you very little results, and most likely just make your shoulders hurt for days!
  11. I like the iron Remover before too, seems to break up some of the bigger Iron deposits. I believe the less the clay needs to remove the better, so if the Iron remover, removes some of the bigger deposits then that's less that the clay removes.
  12. Agree with Shane here. I bought a new Silverado, and it was a little rougher than normal from the factory so I ended up using Correcting Polish and a Orange pad, then moved to Finishing Polish. I feel that the finishing polish always seems to pull some sparkle out of cars. I tend to do a pretty quick finish polish to most cars I seal, my reasoning is that it gives it a good surface to grab to. I think if your going to polish no need to strip wash the second time. I usually just wipe the residue off, and then move onto the sealant.
  13. I believe the RS are AWD and the ST are FWD.
  14. How about something like a Focus RS
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