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  1. Boostedlude

    Please delete all are traded!

    Pm sent, I would be interested in several of your detail sprays if you decide to split them up. Let me know first please😀
  2. Boostedlude

    Suggest a Show!

    I suggest Camarofest, Adam's products are big in the Camaro and Corvette circles. The past three years the event has been in Bowling Green, KY. http://www.camarofest.org/index.html Also LSfest is another even bigger show in Bowling Green as well https://www.lsfest.com/bowling-green/
  3. Boostedlude

    More Products and Limited Edition Items

    Here is a link for my trades, let me know if interested
  4. Boostedlude

    Limited Detail Sprays for Trade

    Added another one trade!!
  5. Boostedlude

    limited editions

    Pm sent
  6. Boostedlude

    Limited Detail Sprays for Trade

    Will have another limited edition to trade soon......☺️
  7. Boostedlude

    New from Indiana

    I like it, it's a nice suttle Apple scent.
  8. Have the following for trade (in the pics below), I am interested in other limited detail sprays. Thanks Looking for the following in trade: Cycno de Mayo Xmas 2017 Pumpkin 2017 USA 2017
  9. Boostedlude

    Limited Edition Detail Sprays For Trade

    I'd be interested in the Cinco de mayo spray. Have Canada, Kindig it, and new USA detail spray for trade.
  10. Boostedlude

    New from Indiana

    Received my holiday order just in time!!!
  11. Boostedlude


    I've tried this and calling HQ did not work. Was told it was being considered by management....
  12. Boostedlude

    eBay limited edition

    Yep, one of those 100k bottles sold for 128 on eBay last week.
  13. Boostedlude

    New from Indiana

    That's a heck of a collection. I need one of those mounts for my swirl killer. I was not able to get any of the illest detail spray. But got some of the Canada and kingit detail sprays.
  14. Boostedlude

    Adam's Forums Post Milestone & /Anniversary Thread

    40 so far, not enough🤐