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  1. I would like to know as well, I have not been reusing the grey suede towels after using them with CSC
  2. I think the wishlist heart icon is not working. I have not been able to use it in my order yesterday?
  3. Please let us know, I was looking for the wishlist as well
  4. I agree with other, site is much faster to navigate. Maybe an improvement would be show the discount in the shopping cart after the code is entered. I had to go one step past the cart into checkout to apply/see discount amount deducted from total.
  5. Couldn't agree more, had the untamed kit checking out and the site crashed. Keep waiting and checking site and sold out when checking out for the second time
  6. As title says will trade 300k for the following Cinco de mayo 2018 Valentine's day 2017 July 4th Or let me know what other limited editions Thanks
  7. I am just hoping Adam's will look into this with their credit card processor and fix the problems.
  8. Here it is, the price, wow... https://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-ceramic-spray-coating-9h-16oz.htm
  9. Let another member in on the action?, I need a set of these...
  10. Have an extra bottle of international detail spray for trade. Looking for the following: Cinco de Mayo Valentine's Day Black Chocolate Mint Slammedenuff 100k Spot Meet X 2017 Christmas Detail and Intertior Detailer Untaimed
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