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  1. No need to order them, from what I can tell they are detail spray, waterless wash, and ceramic boost with a different label on them. I don't think they changed the formula at all.
  2. repoman82

    eBay DS

    I looked up that listing and I don't see where he says it is refilled. If he had it there and removed it that is BS.
  3. I wish I wouldn't have gone in and looked at total orders. I am at 29 since March 19th (my first order)!
  4. Leave a message on chat and they will respond within 24 hrs.
  5. Using water does work great for you folks in Florida, but I know in the Northeast that would create a problem for at least 3 months a year
  6. repoman82

    Adam's in the News!

    I agree that misinformation is dangerous, hence the reason I was correcting you. It appears we will not agree on this and that is ok. I personally have no affiliation with either group just an outside observer. If you ask the folks that used to go to H20 they would tell you it was the people that didn’t even go to the show that caused problems. It is funny because both groups are way more similar than they realize. From what you post on the forum I have respect for you and usually agree with you. Have a great night.
  7. repoman82

    Adam's in the News!

    While the majority of this is accurate the crusin and endless summer cruise crowd had just as much to do with the decision for "special event zones" as the H20i folks did. Yes the kids were racing up and down coastal, but so were the crusin folks. Just search youtube and you will see just as many videos of cars doing burnouts in traffic at the cruisin events as H20i. It comes down to a small subset of the group ruining it for everyone. Unfortunately, the lack of respect is far to common these days from both young and old.
  8. There is a major comcast outage that is affecting alot of things. I am betting this is related.
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