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  1. Love the black wheels on this color! That's what I originally wanted, but impossible to find when I was looking. My winter wheels are black, though. How does the The Cs3 compare with H2o gg for you?
  2. Wash, clay, revive hand polish, surface prep, paint sealant,...couple days later, wash and h2o GG !!! Ready for the Fall, or what we call it in Michigan, Winter.
  3. Thanks, that sounds like good advice. I will keep trying with your suggestions. The thing is the exact same towel does not leave strands with DS but does with S&S. It's so weird how sticky it is at first before it goes slick. The strands left behind are like statically attached or something. I might try using a twisted loop drying towel too. That shouldn't lose any strands.
  4. I like slick and slide in every way except for ONE big problem. It makes so much lint come off my towels and stick to the car. Yes adams' towels, washed the adams way. I don't have this problem with DS or H20. Anyone else? Any fix? I've used single soft and double soft. I have to go back over it with detail spray, and there's still some lint. Like the shine and protection though!
  5. The apple cider car shampoo is the best! I love the smell! I did suggest it back on Aug. 9th 2018....so How about a free bottle or something? My other suggestion was cinnamon donut....maybe, next year?!?
  6. How well does paint sealant work on a windshield?
  7. Here's a suggestion... Take the sold out items off the website. Why is the winter hat still there like it's on sale or something? You're welcome. 😁
  8. I would really like less dye in the product. The black friday red detail spray was the worst! I liked the smell, but it turned the towels and my hands red. I wish i would have bought more mystery spray. The labels can be cool and colorful, but just make the liquid white. I know...not going to happen...
  9. Don't forget the pooling rinse!! Take off the nozzle, let water gently pour on the car from the hose. If your car has a decent coat of anything(wax,sealent, etc.) on it, water will sheet off and there will be very little to dry at all. I use the leaf blower for the wheels/tires and crevices, then follow up with a drying towel.
  10. 100% agree on the popcorn. I should have gotten mint. Although I didn't get what mint has to do with fall...
  11. I used an app called paper camera. The filter is neon cola. It has other supa cool filters that change regular pics or take pics within the app. Videos too.
  12. The air freshener smells like popcorn to me....buttered popcorn...weird.
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