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  1. Update? Sorry, dont mean to be a nag. Just excited to see how it worked out!
  2. @TheWolf Thanks for your $.02! I would certainly use mine as a dedicated detailing tool (who has time to do yard work with this hobby anyway haha) but your points are valid and make sense. Keeping the budget in mind, do you think the sidekick w/hose is a good enough option to start? A MB mounted on the wall is the dream, but probably well into the future! Unless my move to Huntsville kicks up the detailing side-gig by a significant margin!
  3. How does the ceramic make out? Slippery?? Also, I have heard there are still ways to get the mat cleaner that adams made... how would one get that through? I would love to stock up on it! 90% of my customer cars have rubber mats!
  4. So no hazing or any ill effects from stacking Si02 products? Ive been wondering the same thing!
  5. Also, I loved how G&G did on my wheels! Obviously doesn't last as long as it does on the body due to heat etc, but looks awesome! Held up (red: kept beading water) for about 4 weeks! (maintained well and not driven a ton)
  6. Does anyone have a strong opinion on electric turbine leaf blower vs. MB? I am not 100% convinced the heated air makes a $200+ difference. Not knocking the MB, just want to make sure its the right move when detailing on a budget!
  7. During lovebug season in Central FL, I use RW @ 6:1, mist heavily over the whole area, dwell for 5-7 mins, then 16:1 RW in a stream (stream setting and pull as hard and fast as you can). That usually takes the bugs down to 30%. Assuming the surface already has LPS or similar and the bugs haven't been there baking for days. If the car I'm working on will have a wax/sealant applied that wash anyway; I mix 4-6oz APC, .75oz CS with 30oz distilled water in my IK sprayer and pre soak the bugs as well as wheel wells, rockers etc. Hope this helps!
  8. Bump- Anyone else have pics of their cart setup? Just got my cart MB in last week and need some inspiration!
  9. How far do yall think a 4oz bottle will go? I don't need an exact square footage, but maybe a rough guesstimate? FOr example, will a 4oz coat my wifes focus sedan? Or just the 18" wheels on my truck? Any feedback is appreciated. I want to dip my toe in the ceramic water before diving in head first. So a 4oz bottle of CSC fits the bill!
  10. Assistant Project Manager for the 2nd largest wall and ceiling contractor in the country. Mostly do theme park work now that I’m back with the Orlando office. Not allowed to post any pictures of my current project - StarWars Land
  11. I also hit some relatives cars! I just can’t leave stuff alone if I get bored around dirty cars! Here are some of the highlights!! 1st set of pics is 3 stages of sanding followed by brand x compound and polish on 3” pads (microfiber cutting then foam heavy polishing) 2nd set is Adams WC and H20GG on the wheels along with EAPC and 1:1 VRT on the tires! Simple, easy! I love how it makes the wheels gloss like crazy, and the tires aren’t greasy or shiny. This is defiantly my detailing “signature style” for wheels and tires!
  12. Over the holiday I tackled my new truck! Foamed er down with a strip wash solution (CS+EAPC), chemical decon (was just clayed and polished recently but no iron decon), BG and LPS to bring the shine!! Also did straight VRT on trim with 1:1 diluted VRT on tires with H20GG on the wheels! I absolutely love how the Toby red glows!
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