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  1. Assistant Project Manager for the 2nd largest wall and ceiling contractor in the country. Mostly do theme park work now that I’m back with the Orlando office. Not allowed to post any pictures of my current project - StarWars Land
  2. I also hit some relatives cars! I just can’t leave stuff alone if I get bored around dirty cars! Here are some of the highlights!! 1st set of pics is 3 stages of sanding followed by brand x compound and polish on 3” pads (microfiber cutting then foam heavy polishing) 2nd set is Adams WC and H20GG on the wheels along with EAPC and 1:1 VRT on the tires! Simple, easy! I love how it makes the wheels gloss like crazy, and the tires aren’t greasy or shiny. This is defiantly my detailing “signature style” for wheels and tires!
  3. Over the holiday I tackled my new truck! Foamed er down with a strip wash solution (CS+EAPC), chemical decon (was just clayed and polished recently but no iron decon), BG and LPS to bring the shine!! Also did straight VRT on trim with 1:1 diluted VRT on tires with H20GG on the wheels! I absolutely love how the Toby red glows!
  4. Yeah I want the cleaner look of the smooth black plastic and for ease of cleaning
  5. I’m wanting to install wheel well liners on my close to brand new F150 (1300miles). Do y’all have any ideas for cleaning/protecting the surfaces behind the liner before I install? Mostly just to help protect from the junk that will inevitably build up behind the liner
  6. Since I think/talk about my truck and detailing all day anyway, I figured I would make it known to everyone and run an Adams sticker on my hard hat! Anyone in construction knows that is an honor haha. I think I may try some Adams products on my hard hat. It’s a very expensive REAL carbon fiber lid. It has some scratches and shows dirt super easy due to the epoxy being sort of soft. I may order some revive hand polish or something to help with the scratches. Maybe hit it with DS to clean it up every day or two? Ceramic coating would be awesome!!! I am mostly just bored at work and in an Adams state of mind with all my holiday orders coming in
  7. Haha! My wife’s luggage! We were on our way out to Virginia for the weekend
  8. I started out with a RW starter kit, limited bucket, eco wheel cleaner, liquid paint sealant kit, red TOMB, detail spray and a decent assortment of towels! I’m currently an apartment dweller, so I’m trying to put together a great hoseless wash setup so I can do 70% of my detailing in the back parking lot of the complex (besides DA work obviously)
  9. Howdy Adams Universe! I am not at all new to cleaning cars or working on them, but the last few months I have taken a huge liking to detailing cars (which we all know is many steps bosons cleaning). I’ve been around guys using the other guys products all my life, but I’m excited to try out ADAMS for the first time once my Black Friday and cyber Monday items finally arrive! I promise to post much better pics of my truck, his is all I have at the moment!
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