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  1. Lord help us all...🙏
  2. As Shane said, why? You paid good money for a coating that is supposed to protect your clear coat and reduce the maintenance required to do so. Leave it alone! Wash and decontaminate as needed and enjoy.
  3. Agreed. At the most I would add a coat of wax. All these other steps are redundant.
  4. All those layers are overkill. You are going to waste a lot of time and product. It will look good for a few days and then none of those sacrificial layers will matter anymore. Stop after the sealant and be done with it. After the next wash start hitting it with G&G or just a detail spray wipe down until you notice the sealant breakdown.
  5. Are you referring to Pan’s video or is this your actual experience? Pan’s video tested the chemical resistance of the two products but the results do not necessarily correlate to longevity and durability. He also failed to properly prep the surface for a ceramic application. I love Beadmaker as a drying aid and a LSP topper but it has very poor real world durability in terms of longevity. Couple of washes or rains and it’s done. It does have unmatched shine and slickness which makes it more of a glorified detail spray than a stand alone sealant IMO. I haven’t used Adam’s Ceramic Spray but I think your conclusions are premature unless those are your actual experiences.
  6. Regarding the comment above, I would never wash between the clay and polish steps. I’m not sure what that would accomplish. Gently washing or wiping down with an IPA solution after polishing is good practice. If you dry with HGG there’s no need for Buttery wax. Buttery wax is an entry level product with almost no durability. It also won’t increase any shine you get with the HGG and BG combo. I would skip it all together personally.
  7. If your PC is in good working order, no need to replace it with a long throw machine for a once annual correction, in my opinion. Load up on pads and a new backing plate and you are good to go. I already know some of the members here will disagree and urge you to update your machine, but it's simply not necessarily - again, in my opinion.
  8. Feeling is mutual brother. Let’s make it happen. And good luck against Jordan, you’re gonna need it! Just picked up my Ranger from getting annual maintenance done today, can’t wait to rip some lips when the weather plays nice!
  9. Yes. Add a few ounces of APC to your wash bucket before claying and it will remove wax as well.
  10. You guys are kidding right? Are we so far gone into PC la-la land that we can't suggest a woman would be the most likely gender to own and operate a sewing machine? My mom, grandmother, or mother-in-law would not be the least bit offended by that comment. They would be flattered that I assumed they were capable. Futhermore, I've never met a man in my life that owned a sewing machine. This new world is insane and I am only 36 years old.
  11. No doubt. The bundle price should always offer a savings versus the two items being purchased individually - or else there would be no reason to show them as a bundle in the first place.
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