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  1. Would Adams Revive hand polish would be ok?
  2. I picked up a new Tacoma. It has the clear bra, or Toyotas version of it, on the hood, mirrors and under the door handles. Can I treat it like paint? Clay it, polish it, etc. Can I use Graphene products on it. This is new to me. thank you
  3. I see they released new one step pads today. I think I might have to try them. I have other pads of this type and they work well but I could always use more.
  4. Thank you Adams for getting me my polisher today. I very much appreciate it and all that you do!
  5. So I ordered a swirl killer mini for Father’s Day. Shows up Saturday afternoon, open it up this morning and it has the 220v plug on it. Not much use to me in Florida. So now I have to go through the return process for their mistake and wait another week for them to send me the correct one. I am a little upset. This to me is unacceptable.
  6. Welcome, they do make some good products!
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