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Photoshoot of my SRT Challenger *Pic Heavy*


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My buddy, who is a photographer on the side rented a new lens and wanted to try it out on my car. One hour and 200 pics later, the results blew me away. See for yourself!


























































































That's all for now - next up is the V-Dub after it gets detailed...whenever I have the time for that :willy:


If ANYONE is interested in having professional shots done of their car within the tri-state area feel free to contact me and I will give you his information!

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Wow resurrected!


I think they'd like swell together. They do make the SRT's in white now, just saying. ;)


There are two at local dealerships, both are 2012s, both are the RTs, both are white and both are loaded. The only difference is the double RT stripes down the beltlines...One has black (which would match my Camaro as it has matte black rally stripes) and the other has red ones.. They both are just awesome looking . BTW, I fell in love with the Challengers when the movie Vanishing Point was released, and if memory serves me correctly, that was a white Chally.

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