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Lead Warning Labels



So, what is up with all of the new California lead warning labels? Cancer, Birth Defects, Serious Injury or Death? Don't Californians have anything better to do?


Geesh, do I really want to use any brass fittings, quick disconnects, foam sprayers on my car? I'm sceered to death! Funny thing is, for eternity, all or most plumbing fixtures and faucets contain brass and lead. So now they're telling us? :confused:

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Its nothing new... according to California everything causes cancer.


:iagree: I even saw this warning on Christmas lights! Evidently lead is used in wiring to make it more flexible and less brittle.


Not to hihjack my own thread, but speaking of CA, my all time crush and the most beautiful woman ever created, Jane Seymour, lives in Malibu! :D So there's one reason to like CA. :grouphug: Hook me up Dylan!:D

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You only get one life. If you spend it worrying about every little thing you'll miss your whole life. Live it, enjoy it, and don't sweat the small stuff.




I can't even imagine how much Lead I have eaten over my lifetime. :willy:



I don't think I have MUCH brain damage. smilybird.gif

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