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New Ride, BMW X5 M, detailed! 550HP never looked so good


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verr nice..



my Brother-In-Law has an X5 M, but I believe its only the appearance edition as it came out before the actual X5 M did, it was a factory build.. his is a DARK blue..

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I actually rode in one about 10-days ago..... A 2011 BMW X5 M Black Sapphire Metalic recently purchased by my former boss/close family friend, with all the bells-n-whistles. I was very impresed with the ride [absolutely amazing handling!] and [even] moreso with the ponies... wow!


PS: His OTD price of 96K and change was a HUGE shock to me!

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Nice Car. Always been a big Fan of M's


How is the handeling on that baby? I heard they are kinda top heavy


Handles amazing. I read a lot of reviews where people were saying it handled almost as good as the M3. I found that hard to believe given the size and weight, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It really does handle well. Doesn't feel top heavy at all. The active suspension really does well.

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