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Man Oh Man, I really hate this site !!


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My wife thought I was anal with the care of our cars before I found this site, She ain't seen nothing yet. I have been reading and watching video for about a week and just put in my first order. I already had a PC DA polisher with other companies accessories but I sure did fine a bunch of stuff to add to the car care collection.


I'm from upstate NY around Albany. I would love to make one of the detailing seminar if one is closer than the one coming up in PA. That is ~ 4-5 hrs away.


I just purchased my first black vehicle so I found Adam's products just in time. Can't wait to post the before and after pictures !! I'm sure I'll have some "new to Adam's" product questions, can't wait to give them a try.


All kidding aside, this site is full of great information, wish I found it a long time ago !! :)

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Welcome randy! lots of great people around the site! post up some pictures of your rides and what adams goodies did you all order?


Started out getting the 4" polishing kit for the PC, Swirl + Haze Remover. Fine Machine Polish, Super Sealant, and Americana wax. I have larger polishing pads already. Just stocked up with some brand "M" stuff a few weeks ago so I'll be replacing those as needed.


Looking forward to seeing the Adam's results !!

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Well, I finally got to try out some Adams products today. My Kia Borrego is black and I think the car dealer used a shop broom to take snow off it. Anyway, the paint still has some work but it is 100% better than when I started. I was a little hesitant using the PC for the first time but thanks to Junkman and the rest of the videos it didn't take long to feel comfortable using it. Took a before and after pictures of the hood. Picture quality isn't the best but you can see how bad it was when I started.








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OK, We're coming down the home stretch....

I have about 10 hours in to it so far. Not quite done but looks good enough for some pictures. I might also be able to save future users of Americana wax some time (about 15 mins) and give current users a good laugh at my expense. Everything went well using the PC for the first time. Only one little issue using it. Seems when using the 4" pads they raise the cover over the counter weight just enough that it rides just above my door handles. Luck would get me around the first three but on the fourth I leaned the PC slightly and the cover over the counter weight dinged the door handle. I was able to smooth it out so I will be the only one who knows it's there. Now, new users take note, when your all done prepping your car and are ready to use your brand new tub of Americana paste wax, I have a tip that will save you some time. As I started to wax, my son-in-law stopped by to see the results of using Adam's products. As I started applying the Americana I noticed that I had to really twist the applicator to load it up. I knew it was a hard paste wax but I wasn't getting much on. After about 5-10 mins of trying to get a good covering of wax on the hood, my SIL said "Isn't there a covering over the wax ??" Well you guessed it, I didn't remove the paper cover between the applicator and the wax :mad: !!. Anyway, here are some pictures of our '09 KIA Borrego. It is a daily driver that we got this year with only 10K miles on it. I still have the roof, wheel wells. and tires to do. I am amazed with my results with Adams products !! Paint isn't perfect but it is close. Next up is my Silverado 2500 extended cab with a full box. Should have that done around spring !!!










Any who, thanks to all who give advice on the forum !! I now have only one place to get all my detailing products....

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