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In & Out / SVRT / APC Engine Detail (Heavy Pic)



Awesome stuff...


So on Saturday I decided to clean up my wife's throttle body because the gas pedal has been sticking because of gunk build-up. Well I got that cleaned up and decided to clean up the engine while is I was in the engine bay.


2007 Dodge Grand Caravan....4 Year Old engine/55,000 K on the ticker.



1. 4 oz APC, foam gunned engine, let soak and scrubbed with a crap load of brushes.


2. Rinsed very well.


3. MB Dryed...min 30 min getting all relays/wiring harnesses/sensitive parts.


4. Spot treated APC for visual dirt.


5. Rinsed very well.


6. Dryed again...this time about 35 min.


7. Silicone Spray Lubed all linkages/latches/moving parts


8. Dressed belts with belt dressing


9. In & Out, SVRT, In & Out, SVRT. Back and forth until desired shine was reached.


10. Took pics tonight (3 Days later)



















Enjoy.... Congrats Adam's for the magazine promo!



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Thank you! I know the battery terminal needs a wire brush to make them sparkle...but I didn't notice till I took the pics. **** it!


It's not oxidation though...don't worry....I would have caught that.

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